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Working Of Missional Church In San Antonio

By Dora Reed
When Jesus was departing the earth ages ago he left his devotees with responsibilities to live according to his wishes. These disciples were passed to work as their master Jesus did and were to imitate his way of living. The life that Christ lived was exceptional charming and fascinating minus the heavenly inception. Missional church in San Antonio is an organization that aims in satisfying the needs of Christ.

During his life on earth before ascending to heaven Jesus led a selfless life that can only be admired with many. He fed the poor healed the sick, taught others and helped them reconcile with their almighty father among other spectacular miracles. His work on earth was extremely generous in everything he did. His life painfully ended so that people could enjoy salvation.

As Christ gallantly forfeited his life he transferred his work to the disciples for the gospel to spread among the populace and it would not remain stagnant in one place. As an illustration of his life the followers were taught the accepted way of life and how to nurture their relationship with the creator. They were taught how to pray, how to perform miracles like curing the sick and how to attain never-ending life.

Among the few enlisted previously Jesus expected that all this disciples would also head their lives by examples to the others. They were to show the way like a light that shows the path to follow in the dark. As he said good bye Jesus told his followers to spread the word to all the parts of the earth and blessing s would be awarded to those that do that.

As Christ followers are always on an assignment to represent the life of Christ to one and every place and people so as to spread the gospel. How they achieve it is a multi-answer is attained by the love that was taught and shown by Jesus in his earthly days.

One is supposed to love their neighbors and tell them of the wonderful opportunity that Christ offered himself so that they can attain salvation. This also includes in sharing of the little that one has like food, shelter, clothing and any possessions to those who are lacking. This is usually done in many churches who take upon themselves to assist in the community.

The disabled, orphaned and the widowed are an example of people who are usually neglected by the society due to their unfortunate events. The church usually takes them in and cares for them as they were family. This is a character that was well observed from Christ who helped many people who were despised by the society. Apart from the helping missions may include spreading the gospel of Christ to places it has never reached. This is done by giving free bibles and having evangelistic conferences.

Following in the footsteps of Christ is not an easy task although faith in God and the assurance of everlasting life is the fire that keeps disciples going. Many religious institutions are normally dishonest in their intentions and all they aim is to exploit money from the congregation. It is important to evaluate a church by their actions to differentiate the evil ones. The church in San Antonio is a place one should attend to attain the religious enrichment.

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