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Why So Many Parents Opt For A Christian Education Class For Children In Chester CA

By Marci Glover
In most countries the educational systems are governed by the state. Schools have little or no say in the determination of the curriculum. Many parents and communities are especially unhappy about the fact that religious instruction has become a taboo in state run schools. They want their children to be instructed in their faith. Such parents can consider a Christian education class for children in Chester CA.

Most parents place their youngsters in religious schools because they firmly believe that religious instruction is an integral part of any balanced educational system. They believe that this type of instruction teaches their offspring self discipline and a sense of what is right and wrong. Some parents have other reasons, however. Religious schools are privately managed and some parents are of the opinion that the standards are higher than those of public schools.

Schools run by religious societies and churches are not a new phenomenon. In many countries the only formal schooling that was available was offered by missionaries. The practice remains to this day. Schools managed by churches enjoy an excellent reputation. Students generally achieve better results than those achieved at public schools. Religious schools seldom have disciplinary problems and delinquency is almost unheard of.

Religious schools offer many benefits to parents, students and society. Due to the fact that the management policies of these schools are based upon a firm set of religious beliefs, they are normally managed very well. Issues such as bullying are dealt with immediately and students are expected to play a positive role in society. These schools also go to great lengths to ensure that they employ only the very best teachers that are willing and able to subscribe to the religious foundation of the school.

Critics argue that religious schools infringe upon the rights of the learners. They think that young people should not be forced to adhere to a belief system forced upon them by their parents and the school. Instead, they say that students should be exposed to a variety of philosophies, belief systems and religions and that they should make their own decisions in this regard.

There are several factors that should be considered before enrolling a student in one of these schools. Parents must make sure that they are in full agreement with the guiding principles according to which the school is managed. They should also make sure that the emphasis on religion is not to the detriment of a balanced curriculum. It may also be wise to ask the opinion of the student concerned.

No school can ever take responsibility for the entire education of a child. Parents must therefore never think that simply because their youngsters are receiving religious instruction they have no responsibilities themselves. Parents must make sure that their children lead balanced lives and that they should be encouraged to explore the world around them. Matters such as culture and sport should also form part of any balanced education.

Religious schools are experiencing a rise in popularity. This may be due to the fact that they produce such good results but many parents also cite the fact that these schools are safe and that a high level of discipline is maintained. Some of these schools are expensive, but parents feel that it is worth every penny.

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