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Why Christians Serve Freely In An Egalitarian Church In Denver

By Rosella Campbell
Christians who follow the example set by Jesus Christ typically endeavor to make every aspect of their lives something that He will be pleased with. This is not always as easy as it sounds because popular culture often goes completely against what Jesus teaches His followers. If someone sees coworkers stealing, they cannot just go with the flow and do the same. People who help to form an egalitarian church in Denver must choose rightly.

Building the whole body of Christ is not easy. Sometimes culture interferes with the need for everyone to benefit from the gifts that God has given to each one. Society also leads some individuals to esteem themselves more highly than others and introduce hierarchies that are more about appeasing the needs of the flesh that satisfying the goals of the Spirit.

Gifts are given to everyone in the body in order that all may benefit. Yet, there are still many that prefer to think that some gifts are only specific to particular race, gender or even an age group. Egalitarianism emphasizes Biblical equality in order that all may obey the calling that God has on their lives, without limitation of gender, race or class.

Churches that are called to serve in communities must follow the example set by the Savior. Jesus went out of His way to treat everyone equally. While He is Lord of all, He never held down anyone or put them aside because they were from a different cultural group or gender. He encouraged others to fully live out their calling.

Jesus specifically pointed out that high officials should not lord it over or exercise authority over those in their care. That is in direct contrast to the general attitude of the world, where people command and force others to follow and may even use put downs to achieve their aims. In the body, everyone is to have a servant attitude and regard others as sisters and brothers first.

The push to reserve certain positions in the home and in the body for people who are rich or belong to a particular gender sometimes is accompanied by a misconception of what it means to lead. There are occasions when the leader seems to do exactly what Jesus says Christians should not do. They lord it over others, instead of seeking to lead by serving.

Whoever has a desire to be the greatest should serve. Jesus showed how to do this by giving His life for all of humanity. He became a living sacrifice, going to the extent of giving up His life for all of us. Gifts and ministries are freely given to believes and all help the body to function and churches benefit by living what Jesus preached.

Unique features of individuals can be used by God to glorify His name. Egalitarian churches recognize that no person is limited by their class, age, gender or any other factor. All that we have the power to accomplish is through God because it is in Him that we live, move and have our being. They embrace the equality of all people in Jesus.

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