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When Will The Rapture Happen

By Rosella Campbell
In relation to the tribulation, a time will come for the rapture and different churches have different views in relation to the timing. Let us find more about when will the rapture happen. The occurrence is primarily viewed in three different ways. One it will occur before tribulation, second it will occur at the midpoint of tribulation and finally it will occur at the end of tribulation.

There is also another fourth view which is said to be the pre-wrath. All these views need a deep understanding of the purpose of tribulation. According to the bible in the book of Daniel there is seven years which is yet to come. Daniel speaks to the people of Israel as a nation. He tells them that this time they would meet the angels in the clouds as they sing with trumpets.

In the book of Thessalonians, both the living and the dead believers will meet Christ in the air. While in book of revelation, God has spoken through prophet and says that there would be wrath which would bring with it salvation. God promises his people that they shall not suffer wrath but he will protect them from all through the tribulation period

Wrath will not occur and God will only bring salvation. He promised to protect us during this time and move us from the earth. During the time of trials, God will secure us and remove us from the earth. God shall focus his attention to the Israelites. He would deal with them and this includes the churches which are supposed to be in during this time.

The dead resurrection and change from mortal to immortal. This shall take place before the day of wrath for the believers only. They would dance with Christ and the angels in the sky. The sound of the trumpet be heard and Christ will come for the second time to take his church. The people who are born again be taken with him and the dead who are believers be alive again to meet Christ.

No one knows the day nor the hour only God knows.The time when Jesus was in mountain olives he spoke those words to them and told them that only the father knows. Jesus will one day come and gather the church. There will be terrifying events such as the earthquakes, wars, rumors of wars and this shall be frequent.

The Lord shall come like a thief during the night . He will rescue his people and peace shall prevail. As the children of light and believers we shall know the hour of the coming of the lord Jesus. Those living in darkness shall be surprised . The believers shall be able to tell the signs and those times.

As the time draws nearer, we shall be able to read those signs. The harvest time for our God shall be then. Jesus Christ time to harvest. Therefore we should be ready for his coming any time and repent our sins. Make sure that our lives are in line with Gods teachings since the day is drawing near.

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