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When Will The Rapture Happen And The Last Coming Of The Lord

By Essie Osborn
There has been controversies as to how the rapture is to take place, there are those people who believe that it is to occur before the trouble times, some believe that it shall be as the tribulation times are ongoing while others say it is to be after. This occurrence is an important one where millions of people are to disappear at a blink. The question though is, with all this confusing believes when will the rapture happen?

The book in the Bible that outline the last days, the revelation, explains exhaustively what is to take place in and after the time of rapture. Rapture means caught up. It is stated that the Lord himself shall move from his throne of glory and come down to earth, a loud voice be heard as he appears in his full glory and all that buried dead will arise.

Then all that people alive shall also be caught up together with the rest and meet the Lord in the air. When they meet in the air its said that He shall show them mystery, they shall not sleep but shall be transformed in a while as the last trumpet is blown. The dead shall then be raised incorruptible and be transformed. In Revelation 6 it is clear as to how this takes place.

The process shall begin at the release of the four stated horsemen, the first one to come will ride a white horse and will be sent with a mission of conquering. The next one will ride a red horse and his mission is to make wars in all countries of the world.

The third one in a black horse which of environment destruction and/ economic problems. It states that it shall be a one bread for a full day wage. The forth and the last horse rider comes in a pale horse which is associated with sicknesses, wars, famine and deaths.

This marks the onset of the coming of the tribulations of humankind, the men who appeared in horses are to mark the opened four seals. The next fifth seal shows believers who were killed on an altar praying to God and pleading with Him.

These are said to be the believers who were killed by the horseman who appeared to kill by famine, sword and plagues for he had given them that power. The sixth seal is said to be the most important of all, at its occurrence earthquakes, the event of moon turning red, the sun turning black, the sky being rolled up and falling of the stars ion earth and at that very time the all the islands and the mountains are to be greatly shaken.

It is a devastating situation and a horrific one for men will try to run and hide in caves. It is then that they shall realize that something unbelievable has been released and then this instance takes that time the lamp shall present himself to the eyes of the mortal men in his full glory of his father. All shall be in big multitudes to witness this coming. All that will have come out of the tribulation are to appear in white robes while holding palm branches in their hands.

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