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What You Need To Know About Old Covenant VS New Covenant

By Rosella Campbell
When you hear someone mention Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Elijah and Moses, the first thing that comes to mind is the time they lived. In a Bible study session, people talk about the past and the current times, which is why it would be great to look at old covenant vs new covenant. While both play a vital part in the history of humankind, it would be important to learn and know what is important to you.

For the old covenant, every agreement made between God and humankind was based on physical promises. Speaking to the nation of Israel in the book of Exodus, God tells His children that they would be His treasured possession if they obey Him and follow His commands. Because the whole earth below to God, the children of the Israel would be a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.

It is important to remember that the circumcision in those days was completely physical. When God called Abraham, He told him that he should take all the members of his household and circumcise them. Abraham was advised to include himself in the list too because he was not circumcised yet. He also told Moses that all the foreigners who wished to take part in the feast of the Passover had to circumcise the entire male in their household before taking part in the Passover feast.

The spirit of the Lord had not come upon people because God had not yet sent the Holy Spirit to be with His people. The Lord made rules and gave them to Moses to give people and these are the exact rules that would be main in the olden days in the nation of Israel and beyond. Anyone who failed to obey these laws would be sinning against God.

People asked for forgiveness in a completely different way compared to the way they do it today. If you were alive back in those days and sinned against God, you would have to make an atonement sacrifice to have your sins forgiven. In this case, you would have to make a sacrifice s that you receive forgiveness of sins for the wrongs that you have done.

In the new covenant, all the promises God ever made to man are based on a spiritual promise. In the Gospel of John, God loved the world so much and gave His only one son so that if anyone would believe in Him, he or she would live forever. The Bible says that the current agreement is better that the aged one because Jesus is more superior to the past agreement.

In the current agreement between God and man, a true believer has the spirit of God. The spirit of God is the Holy Spirit whom God sent to the earth after Jesus ascended to heaven. The Holy Spirit would guide the church, remind Christians what Christ taught them and direct them in the right path.

You no longer need to make sacrifices to ask for the forgiveness of sins. Jesus already made a love sacrifice on the cross so that your sins could be forgiven.

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