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What To Notice When Choosing The Proper Cemetery Candles

By Anna Katrina
The practice of regularly visiting the graves of those who have passed away is a long standing tradition in many societies. It is customary to leave flowers and gifts at the site in honor of the deceased. A growing trend is to use Cemetery Candles to provide both illumination and decoration to the headstone.

In many cultures, it is a sign of respect to place a candle on a headstone as a symbolic gesture. Unfortunately, an open flame poses a risk of causing a fire and are banned from a majority of burial facilities. Solar powered lanterns have become a great alternative solution for this issue.

Marketed under titles such as vigil, abiding or eternal lights, their purpose is to make sure the headstone is always illuminated. Using solar cells and LED bulbs in place of filaments, they create a strong glow. Having the ability to store extra energy collected during hours of high sunlight allows them to be reliable even in rain and low sun times.

An LED light can last up to 100,000 hours, making them an economical investment. They are quite dependable and work even on days with low sunlight. The various models produce glows that can be either bright and steady, amber for a softer hue, or flickering to simulate an actual candle.

When choosing a lamp for a grave site, it is important to consider the size and design of the headstone. Those with a ledge may be well served by votive style lights, though those flush with the ground may be better with a style that is staked into the ground. However, before putting any decorations out, it is important to see if the facility has any rules or restrictions.

Not only do these items look attractive and serve an honorable purpose, they have other advantages as well. They are environmentally friendly and can be easily transported or rearranged. They last for a long time and provide many hours of reliable lighting without needing to be constantly monitored and with no worry of fire if they should be tipped over.

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