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Understanding The Work Of A Gifted Spiritual Healer

By Linda Ruiz
Spiritual healers are often thought of as channels rather than healers. Most believe there is a Divine force which flows from a Gifted Spiritual Healer to those desiring to be healed. One holistic practice in which this is the case is Reiki. By addressing the cause, releasing negative energy and eliminating symptoms from the body, Reiki has often been considered one of the best among alternative healing methods.

While most Christians know these individuals as Faith healers, the acts of these “gifted healers, ” have been going on for years. In others, it can refer to a “gifted psychic, ” somewhat the opposite as related to the church. In this case, an individual often provides services like palm, rune and tarot readings.

Some believe everyone has psychic abilities which can be developed and polished over time. Others reject the notion of psychic powers as sheer nonsense. Like with other supernatural aspects, it is often necessary for a psychic to prove oneself in order to be accepted as valid. Even then, many still reject the notion that psychic readings are possible.

Most psychics believe these skills are inherit and natural. There is still a great deal of controversy over whether this is the case or otherwise. One thing for sure, anyone providing these type services often has to deal with other areas which may not be as pleasant as a simple reading.

Clients of spiritual healers come from a wide variety of education programs, employment backgrounds and financial status. A number of individuals in stressful positions attend ongoing sessions on a regular basis. When in individual can maintain a balanced life with a sense of calm, peace and well being, success is often possible.

When looking for assistance, some psychics will either host a seance, or request the help of a medium to do so. While this is often rare in missing person cases, it has been known to happen. Generally, it is the host of the seance who invites a spirit or spirits into the circle, confirms the presence, interprets information and dismisses the spirit or spirits at the end of the seance.

It is often advised that individuals create a circle of protective white light before embarking upon any Spiritual healing. Once there is a barrier of Divine light, then it is often believed only positive spirits will attempt to aid in the healing process. Whether invited, or otherwise, most spirits are of a good nature, though some can also be quite benevolent.

Whether rolfing or reiki, energy work or massage, touch can be powerful healing aspect of life. While rolfing can be quite beneficial to overall health, there are also drawbacks. For example, individuals can often be sore for days after a session. Emotional responses, often unexpected are often also an aspect of this deep energy work.

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