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Understanding The Process Of Catholic Evangelization

By Tracie Knight
The knowledge of Christianity has been impacted to different individuals with intent to convert them to embrace Christianity. The Catholic Church has made its effort to spread the word of God in aim of acquiring new members. In addition the church is targeting the non believers, the Protestants as well as the traditions followers. Catholic evangelization in embedded on a mission of holiness and redemption for souls.

Catholic Church is concerned with how people accept God. It spreads the message of the grace of God. The church puts into consideration some elements these are the message of faith that of hope, charity and holiness is key. For evangelization to achieve its goals some things should be attained first. This element makes an evangelist best equipped to spread the word of God.

Among of these key components the first one is self relation with Christ as well with the church. Christians should lives in accordance with their love for Christ. The church seeks see greatness Catholics. Through the body of Christ which is the house of God, people get bonded to Christ by the Eucharist. Hence Catholics are to carry themselves in a manner motivated by their love for the church.

Moral lifestyle, attitude as well as emotions. It goes without a say the morals of a Christian should likened to those of saints. The manner in which in one carry out their personal relations, their talk and attitude their should have some saintly values. Christians attitudes and emotions should be fashioned that they do not stress or have severe consequences to them and to others b they should be structured in a humble manner regardless of situation.

Persons discipline really matter this is strengthened by prayers. Catholics are always required red to act in manner that suggests discipline. Christians should be prayerful and this cemented by the taking of sacrament which resembles the body of Christ and has power to the Christian souls.

In additional reading spiritual items and charity works comes handy. This form of reading helps one to become prayerful. It is critical to have spiritual books they help build spiritual knowledge which strengthens the moral foundation. On the other hand charity which is key evangelization entails sacrifice so that we can provide to others. Charity should be grounded on spiritual discipline and not the individuals personal will.

To this list knowledge is essential; this knowledge entails scripture know-how and knowledge of traditions and the customs of the locals. The book of scriptures offers words that which carries the spiritual power of God. As a result of secularity Christianity has minimal control in the society. Hence in the process of evangelization the Catholic Church is trying to re instate this moral order lost. It is u to learn the traditions and customs of the targeted society this creates the ease of associating and hence leading to an ease in acceptance.

To conclude when you are an evangelist you need to learn the situations. That is one should have detachment skills through which they can distinctly separate different cases.This also promotes the independency of the person involved which limit the influences from the immediate society.

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