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The Truth About HOPCC You Need To Know

By Lisa Williamson
For some time now, accusations have been hitting the house of praise Christian churches in an astounding way. Many people who at one time or the other used to go to that church or were associated with it have made claims of financial exploitation and being misused by other people for their own gain, many of these people being the top pastors of the church. It seems that at last everyone knows the truth about HOPCC.

This is not the first or second incidence of pastors who exploit their congregations for their own gains. Many people have turned religion into their own personal business where they exploit the congregation to get more money and even political mileage and to fulfill their own selfish gains. Such believers are in for a shock when they realize they have believed in a lie.

The top decision makers in this organization have been brought to light as being uncaring and brutal to reach and achieve what they want. In most cases, this has come out in money matters. In reported case, the institution has continued to get blames when they sack the pastoral leaders who do not toe in their line and rules of taking advantage of people. They disdain their church as the Christ body remains sacred.

The supporters exploited by the church have turned to being harsh and disappointed lot. As a matter of fact, majority have now formed various discussion groups to warn people what to expect when they start worshiping here. It is good to say that this single problem has become a fraud and the pastors exposed during the day. Members have come up with online sites and debates that teach the public on what they have experienced being members.

A lot of bad things happen in the dark when people are not watching. People have talked of being bullied into doing things they did not approve of and their opinion being disregarded. The top administration of the church twisted their arm by threatening to excommunicate them and because they have built their faith and lives on the church they choose to stay.

Other people have even claimed that HOPCC is a cult and these claims may not be too far from the truth. The truth is that pastors in this church are wolves clothed in sheepskin and they are using the church for their own gain in many ways. They therefore bully believers to doing whatever they want because they can threaten them and take away what really matters to them.

Following this embarrassing exposure, the top pastors of this church have taken to the internet and airwaves and everyone that will listen. Their message is that there is still hope in the church and that they care abut their brethren. How true this is one can only guess but they deserve to be heard out. Maybe they are willing to make amends.

The church is supposed to be an epitome of hope and peace and love, an indication of all that is good and pure in this world. This is why the truth about house of praise Christian churches was received with such trepidation and it caused great wrath. The media was of course there to spread the bushfire and make things even worse for them. In the end, only God will judge what is right and what is wrong with all humans.

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