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The Roles Played By Churches In Chester Ca

By Lila Bryant
Different people belong to different faiths. For Christians Who go to churches in chester ca, they believe in the gospel of Jesus the messiah. They believe that he is the chosen savior who was sent to earth from heaven to save mankind from destruction due to the evil people were committing. He spent his time on earth moving from place to place performing miracles and preaching the word and will of God. When young, he was obedient to his parents thus setting a good example for children. At around the age of thirty three, he was killed by his enemies but rose on the third day and is now in heaven.

Jesus asked his followers to go to the rest of the world and preach the good news to all that had not received it yet. Missionaries take this message very seriously and go to new places and set up places of worship from which they preach to the inhabitants of the new lands. This is a practice that started immediately after Jesus ascended to heaven and is still being practiced today.

Churches are constructed in different designs. They all have a podium where the preacher sits. There is a large area for the congregation to sit. Some have special rooms for nursing mothers that are sound proof so as to avoid distraction to the rest of the congregation during services. There are separate meeting places for different age groups. The adults meet in the main building while the youth and teenagers have separate meeting places. Children also have special meeting places. This allows the different age groups to be attended to according to their own needs.

Marriages are performed in these holy buildings for believers. There must be a pastor or preacher who is allowed to perform the ceremony on behalf of the courts. This makes the agreement signed legally binding. It is usually done in front of witnesses. It is believed that God is also a witness as vows are exchanged between the man and woman. Rings are used to signify the covenant. The new couple’s marriage is also blessed so that it may be a wonderful one full of happiness and joy.

Counseling services are offered by the pastors to people who need them. The services are done based on biblical principles which guide the Christians. The people needing these services are thus convinced to change their behaviour because it is not biblical. People with all sorts of problems go for counseling such as those with drug addiction.

When two parties are in a conflicting situation, they can opt for a settlement out of court. If both parties are believers and respect the authority of spiritual leaders, they can come to a peaceful resolution guided by the pastor. This way many conflicts can be resolved quickly and peacefully. The pastors derive their authority from the fact that they are God’s representatives on earth.

During hard times when natural disasters strike, churches act as refuge centers. People go to them and seek shelter from all sorts of calamities. Some believe that the buildings are God’s residential places and so they cannot be struck by natural disasters. In war torn countries, refugees seek protection in churches.

These are some of the roles that churches participate in today. There are more functions that they play. All these help to make life better for the believers and non believers since no one is turned away.

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