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The Origin And Nature Of Absentia Reiki

By Heidi Carver
In the world you are right now, you see things which physical. Those are what you see with your naked eyes, nature, animals, structures, and people. But somewhere deep within your conscious, lies a different world. In this world, it may lie in a different dimension just like what is commonly made up in stories and novels. It is all about the power of your mental ability.

The mind is a powerful tool which affects your disposition and being. It is practically the most influential part of you. This is why there are too many events that are presented to be from a different dimension. Along with this are the many rituals which were derived from this particular concept. One of which is the absentia reiki.

You might wonder is the movies depicting this kind of activities bear some reality. Say for example X men. You might ask if there really is a thing like the power possessed by Jean Grey. Being able to manipulate things with just eye contact. This phenomena is true in some sense. You can even do it yourself if you practice.

In this case, reiki is a ritual which makes use of the involvement of the spirit. It is a japanese term which when broken down into syllables, have a great meaning. Rei stands for the mysterious power or transcendental spirit, while Ki means energy or life force. Reiki is a form of spiritual healing but has a different way which is considered to be very effective just like yoga.

There is another activity similar in principle to this, and it is the yoga. Yoga is involved in a deep concentration though, but it is similar to reiki in this respect. That is, that they are able to connect to the other dimension. This is why those who engage to this particular activity merit deep relaxation and benefit from their healing.

In religious practices, the use of practices related to the metaphysical world is commonly used for it has something to do with the divine. Just like in the Christian belief, the blessing of a person is done by putting the hands on the recipient together with a prayer. This is how reiki is done as well. With this, Ki energy is transferred to the recipient.

The origin of this was discovered from a man named Dr. Mialo Usui who is a dean in a Kyoto Christian University. His discovery of ancient scrolls lead to the happening. At first, he did not know how to use it but later on, he followed what were written and obtained power afterward. With this, he organized a group where he passed on the learning and the method was said to be effective.

This ritual is done with the recipient lying on a massage table. The manner of doing this is much like the other rituals. Symbols and chants are performed by practitioners while the recipient lay silently on the therapy table fully clothed. The session is done by experienced practitioners and usually consumes about an hour.

That is the procedure done with the person present. But it can also be done with the person absent which is meant by absentia. In this case, the practitioner needs to have the location, the name, the picture, and the permit of the person. The same method is done, the symbols, and the prayer, as well as the laying of the hands. It yields the same results.

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