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The Movement To Have The HOPCC Exposed

By Gwen Lowe
There are numerous churches, religions and sects, all believing that their specific doctrine is the only correct one. In many cases there are only superficial differences between the beliefs of different churches, but they nevertheless believe that they are practicing the true faith. Criticism against certain sects is strong and intense and often aimed at proving that the target is in error. In such a way many critics strongly want the HOPCC exposed.

The efforts to discredit the House of Prayer Christian Church include the use of social media such as Twitter and Facebook where there are accounts dedicated to the exposure of the church. There are also many websites dedicated to this purpose. Critics maintain that the church is dangerous and that they harm their members in many different ways. Many critics were one time members of the church.

One of the main criticisms is that the church apparently expects its members to donate all their worldly goods. Some critics allege that they were required to donate even their homes to the church and one witness say that their home was allocated to another member of the church. In some cases members were even required to quit their jobs and work for the church full time.

There are also serious criticisms regarding the recruitment practices of the House of Prayer. Some witnesses state that their children became members only to be indoctrinated and alienated from their family and loved ones. Young members are allegedly forbidden to have any contact with their parents, especially if the parents do not approve membership of the church. Parents also say that their children show disturbing behaviour once they become members.

Critics have not limited their efforts against the House Of Prayer to the publishing of reports and allegations. Several attempts have been made to convince the authorities to launch a full scale investigation into all aspects of the church. Those efforts were fruitless thus far because the authorities maintain that there is no evidence that any laws are being broken by the church or by its officials.

The official website of the church states clearly that everybody connected to their seminary are required to reject all affairs related to the secular world. Instead, they are required to direct all their efforts into spiritual growth, learning and the furthering of the church goals. Critics say that this statement clearly show that those members are not allowed to own anything.

In the meanwhile the church seems to maintain a dignified silence and they do not react. Their website contains several glowing testimonials but critics scoff at that, saying that members are manipulated into providing such positive testimonials. The church maintains that they simply require their members to spend time praying and attending services in order to achieve personal and spiritual growth.

There are also those that defend the church. Many independent observers point out that much of the criticism levelled against the church smack of bitterness and even hate. Some critics use extremely strong language and observers point out that some attacks are both vitriolic and very close to defamation.

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