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The Life Of Archbishop Fulton Sheen

By Tanisha Berg
Fulton John Sheen, was an American bishop born on 8th May, 1895. He become the celebrated archbishop Fulton Sheen. His faith was in the Roman Catholic. The archbishop is well known for his godly teachings on varios TV and radio channels. He was ordained at the Diocese of Peoria, which ushered him into the service for the church. He became a renowned theologian afterwards.

Sheen was a son to Newton and Delia Sheen living in El Paso, Illinois. He was the first born of his four brothers. History records that he suffered from tuberculosis when he was still an infant. His family moved to Peoria, Illinois where he found his first opportunity to serve in the church. His first role was as an altar boy at St. Mary Cathedral.

Archbishop Fulton earned his high school valedictorian from Spalding Institute before he proceeded to Bourbonnais to study in St. Viator College. He finished his studies in Bourbonnais and went into Saint Paul Seminary in Minnesota. His ordination happened in the September of the year 1919. Further studies moved him into Washington after being ordained. During his stay in Washington, a priest requested him to serve as an altar boy in a mass and he did.

The doctorate held by Fulton was earned in Belgium at Catholic University of Leuven. In Belgium, the Cardinal Mercier award was awarded to him, making him the first American to earn the award. From Belgium, the following year, he went in Rome to pursue further studies in Theology in which he earned a second doctorate degree.

Archbishop Fulton served at St, Patrick Church, Soho Square in London as the assistant to the priest. That is where his life as a priest began. He served as am assistant and lectured theology at Edmund College at that same time. They met with Ronald Knox at that college. He started ruling St. Patrick Parish in 1926 after a request by Bishop Edmund Dunne was made to him. He went back to Catholic University to continue lecturing theology after serving the parish for nine months.

The consecration of Fulton as bishop happened on 11th of June, 1951. The consecration was followed by 14 years of service as an auxiliary bishop in New York. In 1925, he wrote the first of the 73 books he wrote during his entire life. Broadcast of his teachings on radio began in 1930. His teachings are still being aired in radios with thousands of letters being received by the broadcast from listeners all over the US.

During his life and service in Rochester, he started the Sheen Ecumenical Housing Foundation. The foundation existed for his entire life after creation and still operates up to this day. Some of his time and energy was also spent on political activities. In October, 1969 he resigned from being bishop. This was after he had celebrated his 50th anniversary of being a priest.

Immediately after his resignation, he was appointed as the Archbishop of the Titular See of Newport. The appointment was done by Pope Paul VI. He continued with writing and wrote many more books, articles, and columns. The number of books he wrote totals up to 73 books.

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