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The Importance Of Christian Prophetic Guidance

By Harriet Porter
A lot of Christians are at a loss on what to do as they walk in faith with God. When this happens, it is necessary to look for Christian prophetic guidance. When you believe in Christ you do not have to have the gift of prophesying for a chance to talk with God. Moreover, being human is enough as long as your life matches His rule.

There are many believers who get to have prophecies because it is in alignment with Gods purpose for humanity. Prophetic guidance helps believers see the intention and purpose of God into their lives. After revelation of a prophecy we are then able to carry themselves in accordance to them. This is a way to strengthen faith.

Everyone who is a believer should be able to hear from the Almighty. This happens when the relationship with God is strong and upright through prayers. When you have made your relationship with Him perfect then you are in line to get prophetic guidance. This relationship and connection should be present and strong at all times.

Many people think that prophecy is predicting the future and its events. This is however not true as it is the revelation of the heart and love of God upon his people. It also seeks to remind people of His will for their lives. Prophets are not meant to serve individuals, they serve the church. The Holy Spirit speaks first and then a prophecy confirms the message.

The Holy Spirit is part of the trinity and was give to Christians by Christ when he left the earth to come back again. The Spirit is to guide Christians in their daily walk with God. The bible says that when we have the Spirit in us we are not confused of what to do because we have an anointing to know what we need to know.

We have been forewarned about the false prophets by Christ as well as the early apostles. This is because they speak the message of the evil one. To know the message from the right one you got to have the Spirit to speak to you first. The message from the prophet you should have first heard it from the Spirit as their role is just confirmatory.

Prophets need not to be the source of all the answers for your life as this is not biblical. Everyone who follows Christ and knows him has been given the Spirit to guide them to hear the word from God. Prophets should never replace this critical role of the Holy Spirit. In addition, the word is complete as well perfect to counsel, criticize and offer guidance. God also speaks to His people through others.

Be cautious of what you do when you have prophetic guidance. This should be seen in how you act and your lifestyle should be an example to others as well as used to spread the word. It is important to aim to be like Christ in holiness and allow gifts from Him to teach others to want to be like Him. A prayer in faith and reading the scriptures should be enough whenever in doubt.

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