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The Importance Of Buddhist Counseling

By Kerri Stout
The significance of the principles and even practices of Buddhism in terms of counseling is discussed. Basically, most of the Buddhist techniques have been used in helping many professions in various settings, to a wider group of clients to become more desirable and feasible. The diversity of the clients who are in great need and several problems that comes along are the reasons for most practitioners to turn in other sources of the right techniques and concepts in a certain situation.

Practically, Buddhism has been established a long time ago and used in several ways. Today, a lot of therapy settings are already using the Buddhist ideas and techniques. Each result is strongly suggested to be more fruitful and a positive impact to most clients. That is why, Buddhist counseling is very popular over Stockton, CA and in different parts of the world. This is because, Buddhism can be significantly used in the practice of counseling.

Basically, Buddhism has a strong ethic that can provide a specific framework for people in need. This is not a religion with sole concerns. In a major pattern, people are constantly reminded with their rights, duties and personal obligations.

Just for an example, people are advised to stop using prohibited drugs, not because, it is against the law or even against the principles, but because it can contribute great effects to ones life. This may include effect on the behavior, loss of wealth, diseases and even some embarrassing behavior. This is positively a practical ethic of Buddhism. It also lessens the suffering from daily problems, such as grief, anger, fear, jealousy and disappointment.

There are also aspects in Buddhism which can significantly bring a huge sense of the term. Usually, it also offers help to prevent psychological disorders and distress. Its major role is dealing with human difficulties. Of course, along with happiness, success and joy, life always have despair, sadness, failure and gloom. Friendship and even relationships may also cause some problems. Perhaps, one may lose his or her offspring, career and wealth.

Th truth is, these distressing aspects of life may also exist with a happy and successful aspects of life. This may confusing to which Buddha devoted his whole life. In the present time, where material success, power and competitiveness are the main order of the day, there are various inevitable issues and problems that may also bring distress to everyone.

If someone learns not to depend to others and not to equate happiness with material things on earth, then the probability of breakdown of a person may also be reduced. This aspect is a preventive way and a valuable contribution of Buddhism to the practices of counseling. Actually, it is not suggested that all aspects must take a Buddhist stand. Counseling needs a wide range of sources and it happens that the Buddhist sources are among of these sources.

The main conclusion of these ideas are a great impact to the context of counseling. The use of every concept is also better for clients that are appropriate for their problems as well. It can also enhance more the practice of giving some advices.

The main test of techniques and ideas is that most of the Buddhist techniques for behavioral changes may also a practical evidence. If evaluation is conducted, it can also demonstrate and may produce more desirable results and can be incorporated with other collection of strategies that can be added to the practices these days.

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