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The Essence Of Bible Based Church

By Paulette Mason
The thirst to know as well as understand the true teaching of God has lead people to attend many different churches not knowing whether they are getting the true gospel. This is the reason why there is the need to attend a Bible based church in order for one to quench that thirst. Pastors take people through the reading of the scripture and help them understand what God intends for them to do.

A church is a place where people go to praise and worship God together as a group and also a place where they go to find mentorship and to be guided on how to live life in a proper way according to word of God. The pastors, who guide people through the word, use the holy book as their guideline. The bible is seen as a book that has the inspired teachings of God, so churches that preach using the scripture are seen by most people as the true churches.

Here are some few points to note in order to know whether a holy house is bible based or not-; in a holy teachings based church the preachers use the scripture for most of their references and demonstrations, they use the scripture verses to teach and advise there congregation accordingly etc.

The first thing to look at when choosing a holy house of the Lord is to first know the beliefs of a church and what theirs. It is advised that one should pray while looking for a house of the Lord so as to have the guidance of Most High as they search and also attend the holy house to see their way of conduct services and how they go about their spiritual activities.

The other things to look out for are: – how they mentor their youth. How they welcome visitors and also if they have classes for children and groups to teach them how to live according to the word, how the pastor relates with his flock i. E. If he is friendly and reachable as in if one needs to consult, is he always available?

Some pastors are known to take advantage of their congregation since they understand the bible they brainwash them with some scripture quotes for them to give their tithes as well as offerings in the wrong way for their own good. They enrich themselves through their congregation. They do not have bibles so they trust everything the pastors tell them.

In a scripture based holy house, the pastor cannot lie to the people because everyone carries their scripture to the holy house and whatever the pastor preaches they quote the holy book and give them the verses to read. They refer to the bible in all their teachings so even the children grow up knowing and understanding true words of God.

Knowing that the scripture has all that one has to know on living a Godly life, it is good to find a church that bases all the teachings on the bible, mentors the youth and children to live a good life following the true word of Lord. With all that no peer pressure can bring them down.

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