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The Elucidation On The Question; Is The Bible True

By Tracie Knight
Many in the world have been heard wondering where we came from. The truth they think lie on scientific sources with others depending so much on their religious views and myths on where they came from. One of the belief is based on the bible where one tend to ask is the bible true or just scriptures written to control the behaviors of mankind and satisfy their curiosity.

The fact in this holy book that subscribes to the Christian dominion are numerous to confirm the truth behind the bible. One major thing before one questions the holy bible is the scientific quasi statements that the human race evolved from the apes to the recent commonly known as the Homo sapiens. Then the statement or the findings does not justify why the monkeys do not evolved the chimpanzees and the gorillas.

The above reason takes us to the biblical illustration on the important aspects of human nature that shows why we reason and event new things as opposed to other image. The Book of Genesis states that man was specially made in image and likeness of God, thus man is a representation of God hence gives the aspect of being able to form new things just like God made Heaven and Earth.

The literature on Bible heroes like Joshua, the Joseph captivation into Egypt to God later saving them from suffering is a true historic record that one cannot claim to be those taken from the paganism point of view, but rather a form of a superior being showing His vast power to those who does not believe in Him.

The prophecies written in the Holy book have been so far full filled. The coming of the messiah and savior of Israel as prophesied in the book of Isaiah were later confirmed by the Son of God coming down in form of mankind to deliver the vast multitude of sinners and renew the relationship of man and God. The over 200 divinations engraved in Old Testament were later full filled by the Messiah Himself.

The holy inspiration that predicted the end of world have so far been full filled. The predictions are on the book of Revelation, where it touches on occurrence of hunger, war among nations and the satanic use of some part of human race to form the anti-Christ is full filled with the recent happenings on the globe.

The questioning of the works of God has also been stated in Holy writings, this more so happens by the non-believers. The main reason o this question, is based on the idea that man must reason logically and know their origin and the truth about themselves. The truth about the viability of the bible is beyond questioning with the above stated evidence in consideration.

In an adamant point to note is that the truth and justification of this religious writing, is with one taking the time to read it and understand the deeper meaning of each verse. The writings of this collection of literature by the inspired works of God, then is the only truth one should be comfortable in search of true religion.

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