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The Details In The Whole Old Covenant Vs New Covenant Ordeal

By Eloise Hewitt
The OT and the latest one may come from the same Bible but there are certainly a lot of differences between them. For starters, they do not contain the same words. They can mean the same thing but still they have very varied interpretations of the journey of God and Jesus.

Take for the example the way people should communicate with God. According to most Old Covenant vs New Covenant forums, priests are the outlets of individuals towards the Almighty in the Old Testament while they would have to come to the throne of the Father in the latest one. However, as a Christian, you are absolutely free to choose between these two options.

When it comes to the rules that Christians had to follow in the past, there are certainly more of them in the OT. You have the Ten Commandments and a total number of 603 auxiliary laws in that part of the Bible. The NT has only one law and that is to provide the same level of love that you have for your God towards your countrymen.

Major and minor ceremonies were also a common thing in the OT. Animals and fruits were often burned in the temples during those times. However, this practice was greatly reduced in the NT Following the path of Jesus is already seen as a sacrifice in that era.

The people in the former testament commemorated festivals and the Holy Sabbath while the Christians in the latest one only have the Supper of the Lord as their main festivity. Every Sabbath, no one is allowed to work. Everybody is also required to visit the house of God.

When it comes to the rules on how a certain venue can be considered as a holy place, the people in the new testament are actually more lenient about the regulations. They can hear mass as long as they are among their fellow Christians. People in the OT on the other hand would need a temple or tabernacle in order for them to say their prayers.

In the Old Testament, the High Priest can only be with God on the day of atonement while the latest one has Jesus as the High Priest. This only means that he can be with his Father forever. He is considered as the right hand of the Creator.

In the new portion of the Bible, Christians are said to be the followers of the High Priest while Aaron and his sons had to adhere to the rules of a human High Priest in the former Covenant. In this situation, the people in the NT are actually more blessed compared to the individuals in the OT. That is because they have a personal encounter with the son of God.

In the world that all of the modern people are living in, NT is certainly present. Eternity and continuity are definitely among the prominent characteristics of the covenant. The OT is in the past and it is something that only the ancestors of this generation can understand.

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