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The Bible Tells Us How To Be Saved By Jesus

By Harriet Porter
The Bible gives clear instructions if you wish to take advantage of God’s plan of salvation. What you need to do is neither difficult nor costly. Those who learn how to be saved by Jesus recite a simple prayer, asking for forgiveness of sin and promising to turn from sinful ways and live according to God’s direction. Many find it hard to give up personal control of their lives.

The Lord has already paved the way for all people to be saved. He went willingly to a gruesome death on the cross, offering up body and soul as the blood sacrifice required for the forgiveness of our sins. When He rose again to life, it was proof that death – ‘the wages of sin’ – had been conquered.

Many people are turned off by the idea of admitting they are sinners. World philosophies have taught that mankind has its own divine nature or else that man is simply another animal evolved by chance and without an innate spiritual component. Right and wrong are concepts that depend on a God of truth; a world view that sees random chance as the governing force has no standard of absolute truth.

This is contrary to God’s word. God tells us in the Bible that we’re born in sin and continue in sin unless we’re ‘born again’ as new creatures with the righteousness of Christ. No one living is without sin. It doesn’t matter how much good we think we do. Salvation is not earned; it’s a free gift that can be accepted or rejected.

Realizing the need for a savior is often the first step. Christian life is based on the fact that God desires a relationship with His children, but His holiness cannot accept sin. However, Jesus died so that we don’t have to. All we need to do is acknowledge our need for salvation, believe that Jesus died for us, and turn our lives over to God.

God granted man free will. He gave Adam and Eve one prohibition, which they promptly broke as soon as the possibility was presented by the lying serpent. This brought sin into the world. The Bible tells us that, when we are ‘born again’, we are granted the righteousness of Christ. We no longer have to depend on ourselves; we can cast our burdens – one of which is our human nature – onto Jesus. I John 1:9 says: ‘If we confess our sins he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.’

On first examination, this may seem unfair. Why should a baby be born under this stigma? However, any honest person will acknowledge that he or she falls far short of the holiness that God demands of us. Only the blood of Jesus can make us acceptable to God; His sacrifice continually cleanses us from the sins we commit even if we no longer want to.

All that’s necessary is a humble and contrite heart, acknowledging your sin and your need for the sacrificial blood of Jesus. Tell God that you repent of your sins, are willing to turn from them, and intend to go forth in new life through Christ. If you are sincere and truly believe in God’s gift of salvation through the death of Jesus, His son, you will be saved. Then you go forth and tell others (confessing Christ with your mouth) and grow into the person God intends you to be.

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