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Spiritual Strength Through Intercessory Prayer Ministry

By Eloise Hewitt
Finding necessary spiritual support is important in strengthening ones faith. The aim of intercessory prayer ministry is to stand in the gap for members struggling with threats to their belief. Prayers are sent by people from different parts of the world and received by a team ready to intercede on behalf of people making anonymous requests.

Prayers are aimed at demolishing strongholds of the devil, casting down imaginations and aligning all thoughts towards Christ. The universal church has needs that are addressed through the intercession of believers. Prayers extend to cover salvation of souls in different countries and continents, needs of particular ministries and those of government officials.

Convenient communication channels are offered to individuals in need of prayer. They include a chance to call in live and talk to an assigned intercessor. The intercessors will pray with you directly on the phone or will pass on the request if that is your wish.

The numbers provided in most of these instances are toll free. It allows you to call from within a certain location at no charge. Such offers also mean that you can call for extended periods of time until the point you feel that your issues is adequately sorted. Calls from other locations are subsidized.

People who need prayers can access the intercessors through letters and emails. The senders are given personal attention so that their issues can be exhaustively addressed. The names of people who requested prayers are not disclosed to the public. Their needs, location and other sensitive details are also concealed.

Social media has made it more convenient to reach intercessors and have prayer requests honored. The intercessors are online for live chats with people in need. The groups are free to join so that everyone is given a chance. The geographical location or nationality does not matter when one is asking for intercessory prayers. Internet access through such devices as phones and ipads has made it easier to access these services.

Intercessors do not discriminate on any bases. They offer prayers to Christians and non-Christians alike. There is no discrimination on the bases of ethnicity or nationality. This is a platform that opens up opportunity for any individual to participate.

People send prayer requests on all aspects of life including jobs, marriage, financial issues or family affairs. Intercessors maintain secrecy to protect those who make the requests. Availability of both male and female intercessors ensures that sensitive matters are addressed. A person may make as many requests as he or she wishes.

Healing prayers remain common and have had incredible benefits to those who requested. Numerous thank-giving calls and emails are received detailing the effectiveness of prayers offered. There are opportunities to request for prayers on behalf of friends and relatives. They will be considered with similar weight.

The community engaged in prayer does so with dedication and commitment. They ensure that the requests are honored within the shortest time possible. Prayers may be requested for states and countries in an attempt to galvanize the faithful for a single course. There are no issues that are too sensitive or personal to be ignored.

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