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Significance Of Faith And Worship In Teens

By Elsa English
Worshiping in teens help to develop faith. However it has been difficult coming up with the most effective ways of involving these youths in worship sessions. The initiative to come up with reliable ways has been undertaken by church leaders, leaders of youth groups and the Christian school coordinators. This has been successful but how these ways are approached matters a lot and different ways have different impacts on the teens. Faith and worship has evolved to be very important in shaping the lives of these teens.

In order to come up with something worthwhile and effective, youth ministries, high school chapel team and churches need to come together and explore clarifying some of the crucial issues. Some questions should be asked and answered. For instance what is the effect of worship in the lives of teens, again do the involved parties have a vision concerning the role of the corporate adoration in lives of these young people? In addition what would be the implications of having them lead the worship?

There is transformation in these individuals once they are involved and participate in leadership roles of worshiping. They gain experience of playing instruments, leading prayers, leading adoration and teaching meditation. Others are involved in serving as ushers, others as altar boys and help to collect offerings.

There is a lot of improvement noticed from the teens who are involved in church activities, these include personal prayers, volunteering to work, reading of the scripture and increased church attendance. Their making of decisions has been based and influenced greatly by religious teaching. Their desire to let their commitments in conviction known has been evident and shown without any fears.

When these church groups and personnel come together to clarify and explore the issues, they get a chance also to evaluate the most effective methods to be adopted. It is to get youths involved in worship by use of praise bands, playing of guitar, piano or drums that brings them closer to their faith. This however is not as effective as thought as it secludes the youths who are not musically gifted.

The fact that these youths are part of the adoration team and areas, conviction formation is enhanced and in some way improved. They grow spiritually regardless of the worship takes place. Some are involved in youth groups while others undertake the corporate worshiping. Through the leadership responsibilities accorded to them, they get to become healthy and active members of a church in the future.

There is much of efforts required to ensure that the young persons are successful and actively involved in leadership roles to serve the church. Understanding the reason for worship is important to the teens as well as being knowledgeable of the main reason of worshiping. By engaging in studying and planning of worship, the adults get the chance to mentor them.

In conclusion, it has been noted that teens who lead in worships build up a strong community with God as well as with others. These kind of experiences help in empowering other youths on living for Christ. Through worshiping there is articulation of faith and this happens to be the major step to faith formation.

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