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Relevance Of Christian Prophetic Guidance

By Tanisha Berg
Believers of Christ do receive prophetic calling. Jesus mentioned that a son will do what has been done by the father. This is because he will mimic the father. Therefore it is important for us to get Christian prophetic guidance. This will help us to see what God does want for us. After receiving these prophecies, we must be able to live as they urge us. Our spiritual growth will be enhanced since we shall be are of what is expected of us.

Many people witness visionary exposures in their daily life. There are various ways of witnessing what God is doing. These include; hearing from Him while reading the Holy Scriptures, experiencing visionary dreams as well as receiving prophetic visions and ideas. This means that Christians talk with God and He gives insights of what he wants to do. Receiving these revelations does strengthen faith in Him.

A believer must not own the gift of prophecy in order to talk to God, or living a supernatural life. All children of God have the power to hear from him in accordance with the bible. This power is activated by having a strong and divine relationship between them and God. This is by engaging in powerful prayers. One can receive prophetic guidance at anytime provided he or she has a good relationship with God.

For a good Christian lifestyle, believers need to keep in track and live by the teachings of Jesus. This is the only life that can bring glory to God. It will also help in drawing more people to God. They should create an environment which will maintain their relations with God and enable their spiritual growth.

People can achieve a supernatural way of life through several ways. We need to first of all recognize that we can express our love to Him. We must get the know-how of doing this. We must call in the Holy Spirit. We ought to give praise to the lord at any time regardless of where we are.

If you wish to possess prophetic leadership from Christ, you need to seek a connection with God. The power of the Holy Spirit shall enable you to get closer to God. You should therefore seek this power. This will give you a good life. You will be able to talk to God on a personal level.

We should spread the gospel using natural ways. This is to copy our Jesus who implemented it and it was more effective. Many people found it easy to relate to it and come closer to Jesus. We should also use good ways of spread the evangelism. These ways are the ones that are acceptable in our culture. People should change by just observing us.

Finally, a believer should be very careful with his or her actions. This is due to the fact that prophetic guidance is only evident through the deeds of a believer. He or she must know that the Lord is watching so actions should be inspired by the words of the bible.

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