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Picking Details Of Preplanning A Memorial

By Esther Clark
Human beings almost universally celebrate the beginning of life, but sometimes choose to ignore the approaching end. While completely understandable, this tendency may leave loved ones with the burden of arranging and paying for a final service during a time of grief and emotional turmoil. Preplanning a funeral helps minimize that pressure.

For many, the single most beneficial result of this practice is the knowledge that they may be sheltering loved ones from additional stress during an emotional time. Although that consideration is important, there are also some entirely practical benefits that come from careful anticipation of this event, even for those still in the prime of life.

Although many people have specific ideas regarding their own final service, those wishes may not be followed unless they are documented. Family members may have differing expectations, and concrete forethought makes those decisions simple. It is a financially and emotionally practical method of making sure final wishes will be honored.

To ensure that those instructions are followed, it is usually necessary to work directly with a reputable provider or service. Having personal requirements in writing saves others from making unnecessary mistakes regarding location and service details, and helps the process run smoothly. It eliminates many common survivor disagreements.

Planning ahead with a funeral director requires careful consideration. Some services offer packages that do not require total payment until necessary, while others offer complete plans paid for in advance. Because state regulations vary, read all contracts carefully before signing, especially regarding the possibility of changes.

It is never too early to begin serious planning, because everyone will eventually face this circumstance. Not only can this forethought save someone else the agony of making long-lasting decisions under duress, but it can also create the personal satisfaction of knowing your own affairs are in order.

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