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Online Attacks Against HOPCC Continue Unabated

By Mollie Burton
Religious groups have always been targeted by those that do not subscribe to the dogma that they preach, the methods that they follow or the way in which their congregations are run. Religion has always been and always will be a contentious topic. Many churches and sects believe that their teaching is the only correct one and they sometimes level serious criticism on other belief systems. One sect that seems to be a particularly regular target is HOPCC.

Even a rudimentary online search quickly reveals that there is no shortage of complaints about and criticism of the House of Prayer Christian Churches. There are many critics that allege that they have become members of this church, only to be coerced into donating all their worldly possessions to the church, including their homes and cars. Some were even required to stop working at regular jobs so that they can dedicate more time to the church.

Another big bone of contention is that the church seems to break families apart. There are online witnesses that say their sons and daughters have joined the church only to drift away from the family. Some critics go as far as to say that the church threatened such young members and warned them to stay away from the negative influence of their families.

Some of the people that have related their experiences with the church say that they have laid complaints to various authorities. However, according to them, the authorities are hesitant to act in a decisive manner. The right to enjoy freedom of association is an inalienable right and formal steps can only be instituted if there is clear evidence of a crime being committed.

Officials from the House of Prayer Church maintain that the church is nothing else but a spiritual home for those that long for revival and that want to worship with others that share their norms and values. The church expects its members to attend services and prayer meetings and they have a strong focus on missionary work.

On the official website of the church, it clearly states that they are running a seminary and that the rules applicable to the faculty and students are rather strict. No student or staff member are allowed to ponder worldly matters. Presumably that means that they may not own possessions or that they may not earn incomes from regular jobs. Instead, they are to focus wholly upon spiritual matters.

It is clear that some of the critics that launch regular attacks against the House of Prayer Christian Church are very angry and either embittered or outraged. The language used in some of the attacks is downright spiteful and rude. Perhaps level headed readers will know that it is often best to discard opinions on both ends of the spectrum.

Whether or not the House of Prayer is misleading its members or not is certainly not clear from the material that is available online. However, people have the right to decide for themselves and even to make choices that seem ill informed to others. Nobody can be forced to become or remain a member at any organization where they are not happy.

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