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Occult Supplies Online And Other Interesting Things

By Minnie Whitley
During the early days of man, way before known types of religion were introduced to the masses, people used to worship the things around them that they think to be a more powerful force that mankind. Almost all ancient civilizations had the sun as the chief deity, that most omniscient being that is responsible for everything on earth. Other old gods include the stars and the various phases of the moon. It is customary for the natives to offer gifts of sacrifice to volcanoes, mountains, and immense boulders to appease an angry spirit.

During the spread of Christianity, such practices have been forbidden. Pagans have been baptized and are made to believe that their past traditions are attributed to the devil. Tools used in these rituals and occult supplies online are discarded. During the medieval times witch hunts have become quite a trend. Officials and even the ignorant public just randomly take a woman, who, in their standards, was quite suspicious. This caused the death of thousands of innocent women who suffered hideous deaths by being burned at stakes.

Years after the medieval ages, the knowledge of this specific area remain. They have been passed on from generation to generation. Practices involving dark magic are very much still alive today, held in secret locations and are done privately among fellow believers. Though such practices are still regarded as of the devil, there is no denying that it is still an object of fascinating study for many.

The word occult means secret or hidden. It is meant by many as a sort of special classified knowledge in the world of the unknown. It is a practice that supposedly guides a person into another realm where most people are not allowed to go to. Since one supposedly delves into the dark to see the future, it has gain quite a dark reputation as well.

Occultism includes fortune telling. Tellers or diviners use a crystal ball, which, according to them, shows the future of a person. There is also tarot card reading where the cards that one picks determines the upcoming events in his or her life. They are considered by some as purely entertainment, but for believers, they are the way to the future.

The interest of one in occultism usually starts with natural curiosity. This curiosity is often fueled by media and literature that focus on topics regarding dark magic and related fields. We see them all the time in movies and read about them in books. Most start young, in playing seemingly harmless games such as the Ouija board and summoning the fabled spirit of the glass. They start easily as games, until the participants find it hard to get out and are being sunk deeper and deeper.

Occult references manifest themselves in everyday situations. Even simple hand gestures often have underlying dark meanings behind them. The symbol that rock stars use with their hands during concerts are believed to signify the demon. The victory symbol allegedly takes its roots in the Illuminati, a group of very influential people who are believed to have sold their souls to Satan in exchange for immense power.

Star symbols are instantly seen as pertaining to the demonic side as well. Hexagrams, pentagrams, and inverted symbols that are usually used in punk music cover arts and other emo and Gothic merchandise are condemned by the Church as satanic and even regard the people who use it as followers of the dark side.

No matter how much it is being condemned, people can not run away from the magnetism of the mystical world of occult. In fact, there are clandestine groups that dabble in magic. They make use of special tools and ingredients just to satisfy their hunger for answers to nagging questions they feel no religion can ever answer.

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