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Mistakes You Should Not Make To First Timers Of A Christian Church

By Lila Bryant
Everyone has the freedom to choose their own path when it comes to interpreting faith. It may even involve trials and errors, meeting new people and finally making a choice. As a Christian Church in Chester Ca congregation, you can expect first timers to show up regularly. Be careful how you act around them, as there are common mistakes that discourage them from coming back.

Never turn away people especially when it is their first time. Be accommodating and tell them of different alternatives to take for the meantime. Be realistic, but also have the heart to go out of your way. These people want the assurance that they are welcome, so try to give them at least that.

Avoid bad mouthing anyone from the church especially to a first timer. If you always find yourself having to explain someones behavior or actions, then maybe you are the only one brewing up an issue. If you have a problem with someone, settle it with the parties involved in a civil manner. It is the Christian thing to do.

During church related gatherings, you cannot just question why someone is present. It may sound cheeky when said this way, but still it imposes disparity among individuals. Let people be and let them come if they want to. If there is doubt on their sincerity, it is best to let it unfold given the right avenue to air out grievances.

As for memberships, it is reasonable for people to experience service first. Only by having firsthand knowledge can they decide to push through on their own. So when members say that one cannot serve because of the lack of endorsement, this should be questioned. By giving people the chance, you also give them encouragement.

As for ushering in first timers to the registration process, try to maintain a warm and welcoming environment. You are facilitating a service, not a job recruitment of some sort. Be patient with them, and be helpful as much as you can. This effectively promotes the impression of camaraderie.

Small group gatherings are also meant to strengthen camaraderie and support among people. Invite people in instead of making them wait to be accommodated. Chances are, they will look up other prospects if that is the case. Although this is not a competition, still, it helps to be open and reassuring towards people who need it the most.

Above anything else, do not force your beliefs upon people. Do not dismiss them merely because they go against what is being preached. Always respect ones ability to decide for himself especially if you do not know the person. With acceptance, you can free yourself of judgment and promote love instead of hate

These are statements that are not necessary especially since it questions the reputation of the church as a whole. While ones actions may not reflect the views of everyone, it still creates imminent disparity and distrust. So if you want to invite people to your congregation, make sure that the rest are sincere with their intentions. Unity can only be fulfilled with openness and the acceptance of likeness and differences.

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