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Many Turn To The Disaster Relief Ministry Each Year

By Mattie MacDonald
With all the problems in the world today and all the sufferings that people face on a daily basis, it is wonderful to know that if you want, you can help make a big difference in their lives of those who need hope. When a disaster strikes a community they cry out for help to the people around them. This is a perfect place for you to make a positive impact into their lives. You can join the disaster relief ministry at your church and sow seeds into their lives.

When a tragedy strikes an area, relief teams are sent out so that they can offer help with the rebuilding of homes and lives. These teams offer counseling for those people who have been hit with this tragedy. They will also help put clothes on their backs and food in their stomachs. This team has been comprised of special volunteers who all share a passion to help people in need, as well as give them hope and share with them Gods word.

The human race needs hope in their lives otherwise they could just give up the will to live. Without compassion and love the human race will fall apart. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to show God’s compassion and kindness while they face this terrible tragedy.

When nature wreaks disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and earth quakes, the end results are normally devastating. When you volunteer to help these people whose lives are forever changed by this force of nature, you have a great opportunity to minister to them. This is a wonderful opportunity to help them feel hopeful again which will bring tremendous joy to God.

If you are not sure where in the body of Christ you fit in, now is the time to find a ministry where your talents can be used. If you share a passion for people as well as a servant’s heart, than this team is a good place for you to join. Attending church alone won’t grow your talents. You need to get involved in your church to grow fully in your spiritual walk and talents.

The main focus with this ministry is helping with the rebuilding of homes and taking care of families who have been destitute by this great tragedy. When international disasters occur, these teams of fully trained volunteers are sent out to assist with bringing dignity back to these victims. If you are keen to volunteer, you will start your full training first before you go out and start helping in the field.

There are lots of ways for you to be involved without being a volunteer. Donating cash monthly or you can help by donating supplies that are needed are an ideal methods for you to be involved without getting too involved. Another way you can help is by donating equipment that will help bring relief to these disaster stricken areas.

It is vital that you get involved in your local church. Even if it’s just to greet the congregation at the door of the church as they enter. You could even do something as simple as serving coffee.

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