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Many Efforts Re Made To See HOPCC Exposed

By Linda Cantrell
Despite the secular nature of modern society there are still a myriad of churches all over the world. Some churches differ from each other significantly and in some cases severe criticism is levelled. Recent history has shown that there may be reason to sometimes doubt the bona fides of a sect. One example of a church being the target of many critics is the immense efforts being made to see the HOPCC exposed.

Critics of the House of Prayer Christian Church are very serious about the complaints about the church. They have special Facebook and Twitter sites to voice and publish their criticism and there are several websites dedicated to exposing the alleged wrongs and travesties of the church. From reading the many criticisms and complaints it is clear that many of those critics were one time members of the House of Prayer.

Detractors of the church say that its recruiters lie to potential members, promising them that the church will look after all their needs and that the entire congregation treat each other as family that serves help and support. Critics say that this is a lie, and that only some members benefit from church outreach programs. They also accuse the church of quoting the Bible out of context.

Another major point of contention seems to be the methods used by the church to convince members to make donations to the church. Members are told that those with plenty need to help those with little. In reality, critics allege, only favoured members benefit. Some members have given up their homes and even their jobs in order to spend more time in achieving the goals of the church.

Critics are also very vocal about the fact that the church seems to target young people. Some parents allege that their children have been turned against their own families. They say that the House of Prayer convinces young members that they need to shun their families and accept the church as their only family if they wish to attain salvation. Some parents even say that their children exhibits disturbing behavioural traits.

There are also allegations that the church uses its seminary to indoctrinate both the students and the staff. The church states, on its own website, that the students and staff are encouraged to shun all worldly matters and to concentrate only upon the mission of the church and their own spiritual growth. Detractors say that this is proof that the church tries to alienate members from the societies in which they live.

The enemies of the House of Prayer do not limit their attacks to online criticism. Several attempts have been made to lay charges or to at least convince the authorities to investigate the church, its finances and its doctrine. However, the authorities maintain that they cannot launch any investigation without proof that laws are broken. Voluntary membership of the church is certainly not a crime.

The House of Prayer Christian Church seems to have adopted a policy of quiet dignity. They do not answer criticisms in public and they do not enter into debate about their policies and doctrine. Their website contains a number of letters from grateful members.

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