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Learn The Various Meaning Of The Hebrew Name Yahweh

By Essie Osborn
In this modern world, you find different communities of people using different words to describe God. In this, they are able to pray and worship Him. It is joyous to different denominations as they realize whom they are giving praise. They believe that they are making him happy in the ways they are expressing their love to him. You need to learn that the name Yahweh comes with diverse and different descriptions concerning the almighty God.

You find that from the Hebrew language, this name means an endless God. This in simpler language it would mean that He would live forever. Believers have hope of meeting this God when they get to heaven. They are also aware that the creator has no end or beginning and that He is not human.

At the same time, the name would also mean that God would never end. In other words, God would live forever without changing. This statement is strong especially among believers since they know that they would meet their creator in the same state once they get to heaven. Due to the fact that God never changes, believers are able to feel secure and know that their God would never die.

This Hebrew name also describes God as one who is independent. This is to mean that God is the sole being powerful on his own and does not rely on anyone else but himself. He does not need to ask for permission to do anything he wants and does not require assistance from any other being. Here, God is described as one who is above reproach and does all things in his might and power.

Most Christians would always be proud whenever they mention this name since it expresses his importance and value to humanity. In fact, Christians teach that God is the greatest reality and valuable thing that human beings would have. Without God, nothing would exist in the manner with which it exists. For this reason, God deserves admiration, attention and respect from human beings, as the name would further explain.

God created the earth and all the creatures in this world. He is capable of doing things that no man can do. He created beautiful things that are able to praise and worship His great name. Many people would like to be associated with his divine mercies that last forever. People believe that He exists even without seeing Him.

The lord does not leave his sheep. This means that since He created people He does not just leave them to just walk alone when in problems. He walks with them giving them the encouragement in life through the bible. You need to keep his name enduring forever. When you are depressed due to any problem, God is the answer. With this in mind you should keep close to Him.

There are many meanings of the name of the most high. We would summarize these by saying that the lord is good and his love endures forever. He forgives and is merciful to all his creatures. He would forgive unconditionally. You need to find time and place to be talking to him every moment. This would help you to create a bond between you and his love that is ever enduring. In most cases, God would always be happy when the people he created reverence him in the most respectable way. This would involve mentioning his names with proper understanding.

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