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Knowing How To Be Saved By Jesus

By Essie Osborn
Everyone living on this planet knows that there are many religious people around. These individuals try their best to teach everyone how to be saved by Jesus. Sometimes these humans can be quite annoying whenever they try to push their own ideas onto other individuals.

The fanatics will tell everyone that a person either has to go through baptism, show kindness to others, keep their body clean from drugs, stay out of sinful relationships, confess their sins, attend church or respect their elders in order to gain God’s love. There are quite a few people who allow preachers to baptize them during certain times of the year.

Once a sinner has his/her head dunked into a purified lake all of their bad deeds will be gone. This is known as baptism and the Bible speaks about it quite often. People who are baptized have a greater chance of entering into the glorious world of Heaven once they have died. They then become one of God’s children who has accepted the Christian beliefs that exist.

It does not hurt at all when people exhibit acts of kindness to other human beings on this planet. God wants everyone to look out for their fellow man at all times of the year. Many people will only show their kindness during the Christmas holiday which only happens on one day. Others will supply food to the needy on Thanksgiving day and this is very tragic. They forget that many people will go to bed hungry throughout the entire year.

Teenagers often think it is funny whenever they start using drugs or drinking alcohol with their friends. Unfortunately they are headed for total destruction once they begin to use these illegal items. Eventually their bodies will be destroyed by every bad chemical that goes into it. The devil is always delighted to see many young people ruin their futures and reputation. In order to gain Christ’s respect every individual must stay away from anything that is toxic to their system.

It is a well know fact that all good Christians look down on individuals who are homosexual. They will advise their followers to stay away from people who engage in same gender relationships since this is a true sin. The church ministers will tell all of their group to avoid any television shows, books or movies that glorify this sordid behavior. The group should also be leery of events such as Mardi Gras or any other type of wild deviant parade.

Sometimes Satan can be heard in many of the musical lyrics that are presented to young people. Any youngster should try to avoid listening to musical groups who are influencing them in a negative way. In the past Ozzy Osbourne, KISS, Madonna and other singers have been accused of worshipping the devil.

Individuals can also seek salvation by confessing all of their sins to a priest or some other type of pastor. This process can be done on a daily basis especially within the Catholic religion. People around will experience a spiritual cleansing while attending church on Sunday. When they are among other Christians they are able to converse about all the good things that God does.

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