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Is The Bible True The Lingering Question

By Marylou Forbes
Many authors have always tried to explain the questions that have been widely asked by many. Over a long time, is the bible true? Has been the question crossing their minds. The works of these writers has been all about finding the credibility of the bible by writing various articles on this. The view on this differ among individuals. The Christians strongly believe that it is God who used his own people to write the holy scripture.

There are other religions who do not believe in the holy book and they perceive it as being misleading. The Muslims who believes in Quran have on many occasion criticized the Bible as being misleading, nevertheless the Christians maintains that scripture is the true word of God that every humankind should follow.

Bible is said to be a canonical collection of sacred texts in Judaism and Christianity. There exist no single Bible rather many Bibles with different content. The term scripture is split between Christianity and Judaism, although the content of each of these collections of the canonical texts are not the same. Various religious group have different writings within the biblical canons in various orders and in other times divides or combine books additional materials into canonical books.

Catholic Church for example have included more books adding up to total of 73 books unlike the Protestants scriptures have 66 books. This creates rift between the two versions raising doubts on the originality of the holy book.

When translating the scripture to different languages, there will be distortion of some words or failure to quote exactly the original message and may go to an extent of conveying a wrong message. The versions will thus not be similar because of this.

It is the place where good works are found and a life full of love is experienced. The believers uses the scripture to guide them on how they can carry out their daily activities. It is only the scripture which has had influence in works such as the legal works, morals arts and music industry in civilization of entire world. The credibility of the bible has been raised by the greatest thinkers together with the leaders who have greatly conquered with it.

The book of God was written by righteous people who lived an exemplary life and were very close to God who gave them guidance. The death, resurrection and life process of Jesus was a clear indication of fulfillment of testament prophesies of the coming of messiah.

The truth about the Bible can be said to it depends upon an individual. It is more of faith aspect than mind. Each and every individual has a choice to decide whether to believe in the Bible or not. The Quran is believed to have substantial amount of information contained in the holy book.

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