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Interesting Specifics On Pentecostal Churches In Katy TX

By Mattie MacDonald
There are many Christian denominations in the world today. All these denominations depend on the bible for guidance. The only problem is that those who wrote the bible are long dead. Therefore, when Christians differ on their interpretation of the bible, they tend to form separate groups. Each of their Christian principles is based on how they interpret the bible. This explains why there are many Pentecostal churches in Katy TX.

One fact is that there are many people with unanswered questions regarding Pentecostalism. Before delving into details of this movement, it is important to understand their magnitude in the world. Research shows that they have followers nearly every region of their world. Their population has grown to about half a million followers. Of course, this is despite having started with the onset of the 20th century. It only serves to prove how fast they are growing.

For you to understand this movement, you must know its background information and the people behind its formation. Pentecostalism is not so different from other expressions of Christianity that have both ups and downs. However, one common factors about all Pentecostals is that they all have the testimony of experiencing the rare gift of the Holy Spirit. This is in relation to what the story of the early church on the day of Pentecost.

Just as it is the case with other Christians, Pentecostals believe the key doctrines of the holy trinity. They also believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ and that the bible is Gods word. Something else that makes them Christians is that they believe the Holy Spirit to be divine and third co-equal of the trinity. This is after the Father and Son. The coming of the Holy Spirit gives this denomination their foundation.

Speaking in tongues is an experience that Pentecostals believe should be a norm for all Christians. This is the first different characteristic from other Christian denominations. While some denominations also believe in this unique gift of speech, they do not find it as a core custom for all Christians. Other Christian expressions think of it as a gift, which the Holy Spirit chooses the people to reward.

The formation of Pentecostalism faced so many challenges. Other established holiness bodies could not accommodate their beliefs. Pentecostals were largely rejected by the recognized denominations of that time. As if that was not enough, nearly all the famous preachers of that time also overruled the creation of a Pentecostal group. Their beliefs were different from other holiness bodies. Pentecostalism appeared more of a cult practiced in urban areas.

As if that is not enough, it was uncommon to find Pentecostal leaders trained in bible schools. Due to that, many Christians believed that the leaders of Pentecostalism were ignorant. They could not imagine attending church where the leader was almost ignorant. Pentecostals were considered as fanatics of emotions, without any form of corrective leadership. Their practice of erecting tents and hiring buildings made them look like a temporary movement.

However, it is this rejection that motivated them to come up with their distinct Christian expression. They had to find an outfit that would accommodate their Christian beliefs. It gave birth to the various Pentecostal holiness bodies.

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