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How To Properly Lead A Yahweh Praise And Worship

By Colette Foreman
It is definitely a given for people to praise the Almighty Power who has given them the blessings of life. Some people prefer to worship their Almighty Power. On the other hand, there are those people who prefer to do it together with their brothers and sisters of Yahweh. Praise and worship services are meant for the latter.

This is a service that allows you to show how grateful you are to the Lord. In this service, you will be able to encounter a prayer leader who can help you digest the Holy Scripture’s Truth. If you aim to become a successful prayer leader yourself, then you should not hesitate to make use of the following tips for that.

First, learn how to eliminate the bad habits you are used to when you are leading. This means that you have to watch your actions, see what actions are disturbing and what are those that are helpful, and learn from it. A nice way to go about this is to have a video taken of you while you are leading the seminar and review it.

Being the leader of the said service means that you need to keep your eyes open. This is so that you can figure out the things that are going on around you. It is essential for you to make sure that everyone is participating in the service. It does not matter whether it is in singing or praying, you have to lead them to participate.

You will be leading the song for the ongoing praise and worship too. In this case, you have to sing the songs for praise and worship like you actually mean it. When you do, it should be easy for you to entice your participants to sing with you. You should show through your actions and expressions that you understand and agree with the song.

There are readings and transitions for this praise and worship too. For these readings and transitions, it is very important that you use of them wisely. Make sure to sound sincere, reverent, and conversational when speaking and reading. It is also a must for you to use the right emphasis and expressiveness.

The songs that you will be singing during the said praise and worship service should have a big relevance to the Scripture that you are reading for the day. You need to tell your attendees just what it is within that song that closely explains the Scripture. An explanation is required of you.

During this event, you have to be engaging. During this praise and worship, as the leader, you should be facilitating it and enabling everyone to have a firm grasp on what is the significance of the day is. When you want to be engaging, you should make sure to listen to your congregation attentively and react properly.

Pray. You have to ask the Lord for His blessings so that your day to lead the said praise and worship service will be in accordance to His will. You have to pray to the Lord to give you the proper guidance, courage, and strength to become the spiritual leader of the attendees of that praise and worship service.

About the Author:

Yahweh is the name of Jewish God in the Jehovah Bible. To learn more about the Lord-God, go to this link