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How An Egalitarian Church Works

By Annabelle Holman
Whether you admit it or not, there is discrimination everywhere you go. Skin color, race, socio economic status, educational background and age often surfaces when talking about people. However, most cases involve gender differences, and females are the ones not getting their rightful recognition.

This idea can be traced way back into The Creation where they were created first and that Eve was made because God saw that Adam was lonely. This is the guiding principle in most churches where only males exercise full leadership. However, females can find solace in an egalitarian church in Denver.

Your race, your status in the society and most especially your gender does not affect how the church treats you. It even offers its high ranking positions to women as opposed to other churches where being a male is a minimum requirement to gain authority. It believes that males and females are created with equal rights and privileges by the Lord.

So if the church sees you fit to do more rigorous jobs, your being a woman would not stop you. Your abilities and not your gender will take you up the ladder. It will not stop you to do what you can as long as it will highly benefit the cause of the church and the society as well. What is good about this policy is that it can maximize the man power it could get from its people.

Furthermore, both genders can join forces to give out the best results. Men are not good with everything and women can fill up that gap in their knowledge. The same goes for men filling in the gap with women. One should acknowledge that others can do better than them.

The thought is that what is best for the society, no matter who gets it done, should be done. Males may have to do most of the physical jobs but that also is not limited for them alone because there are females who are stronger than some of them. The key is accepting what each can do to benefit the society better.

However, critics say that males and females were born with distinct roles and egalitarians should understand that fulfilling those roles would not mean that they are superior or inferior to each other. A wife at home taking care of the baby should never be inferior to her husband working at the local carpenter shop. They are both doing what they can to live a decent life. What they are doing is different but they still share fairly of the responsibility.

Equality between couples in handling family life often comes out as an issue for some people. The society has molded males to take over his family while his wife does the backing up. However, most of the marriages like that do not usually takes on a happy ever after. When the husband and wife is in mutual understanding with each other, they live in harmony and peace.

The society should acknowledge women power as they are nowadays empowered to do things they were not allowed to do before. Slowly, they are gaining names in the industry and in business. Equality should be fully achieved in order to make the world a better place to live in.

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