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Growing Prophetic Pastor Opportunities Today

By Marylou Forbes
We have many different churches around the world. A church has to have a leader to lead the followers and help them understand and follow the word of God. These leaders who guide people in understanding and walking in the right path are called pastors. The emergence of prophetic pastor opportunities has brought with it so many different people claiming to preach the true word of God that it has become difficult to differentiate the true pastors from the false ones.

Pastors are people who attend bible colleges to get to know and understand the bible, the true meanings of the Gods words so that they can be able to feed the followers with the true word of God. People worldwide believe in God as a supreme being whose commandments/rules are all in the bible so the pastors are there to help us understand and follow the commandments and live in accordance with the word of the God.

The pastors are taught to translate the bible which is like a guideline from God on how to live our lives in a good way according to how God wants us to live. They learn how to live pure and righteous lives and to guide the people of God on what to do and how to go about the teachings of the bible. They have prophecies on what is to happen to those who do not follow the teachings and how the end times will be.

Most prophets nowadays give their services at a fee. They ask their followers to plant seeds i. E. Pay a certain fee for their lives to be good and to be wealthy. The sick are asked to pay some money to be healed. The unmarried ladies are also charged so that they can get special prayers to get a husband. The barren also pay for prayers to get a child. These things mostly do not happen as they are told.

These false pastors leave their followers living an empty life as they themselves live exaggerated and flamboyant lives, living large and enjoying the best in life. They do not care much about their followers as long as you give them anything they ask for in exchange for prayers which mostly do not work according to the way they should because some of them are not true pastors.

Being a staunch and firm believer can really help people differentiate between a true pastor and a false one. A true pastor cannot put a price tag on tithe and offerings because for offerings one gives only what they can afford and for the tithe it should be as it is stated in the holy book which the true pastors should translate for their followers.

The false prophets are usually afraid of the true and staunch believers because they know they can never fall for their untrue teachings. Standing firm and not changing churches every so often can help one grow spiritually because mostly if you keep on changing churches, you get confused because some teachings are different in different churches.

It is written in the bible that a lot of false prophets will emerge especially in last days and differentiating true prophets from the false will be hard, therefore, it is very important to follow the words of the bible and pray often for guidance and protection from the false prophets.

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