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Gnoists And Christian Psychic Reading

By Annabelle Holman
Psychic reading basically refers to the attempts made to try and acquire some information by exercising amplified perceptive abilities, or natural extensions in the human senses of sound, touch, instinct, sight and taste. They consist of clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (vision) and claircognisance (factual knowing) and all the statements that are made during the attempt to exercise these abilities. Does Christian psychic reading exist? Does the bible concur with these abilities?

Astrology is the most widely known form of these kinds of reading. It is a type of foretelling based on the alignment of the sun, the fixed stars and the moon. It has been existent for thousands of years even before the scientific methods used in astral observation came into existence. Aura is the practice of interpreting and observing the field of incandescent and subtle radiation that surrounds an individual or an item. Other practices include lithomancy, numerology, rune reading, tarot reading and pschometry

The church has always stood firm against such practices and any Christian who has tried to practice it has been condemned. Anything that proves to be paranormal it has been perceived to be detrimental to the human body by Christians. But despite all these opposition, Christian readers have always claimed to have only one of becausemic information that they employ in their practice and that comes from the Lord and also claim to be using the highest knowledge in the most pure form.

Those who practice and are not saved are believed to use dark powers by a part of the Christian communities both those who exercise and not. The entitlement is that these extra ordinary abilities are God gifted and are supposed to help his children find their paths in life. Even though some sections have embraced these practices the bible has always taught against these strange abilities and cautioned Gods children from participating or encouraging the use of these abilities.

The book of Leviticus warns Gods children against turning to medium and necromancers since they will render them unclean. It also warns mediums and necromancers from exercising, since they will be stoned to death and their blood will be against them. Another book that strongly denounces divination is Leviticus where the Lord distances himself from the false prophets saying that they speak with a lying vision and worthless divination and deceits of their own minds.

The book of Samuel chapter 15 puts a comparison to the sin committed by rebellion as to the sin of divination, a sin committed by resumption and iniquity as to that of idolatry. The book also continues to warn those individuals who use divination will be rejected by the lord. Exodus claims that any person practicing sorcery is to be put to death.

But if Christian soothsayers are present among as why does the bible and church denounce them so strongly despite them being Christians? There are several cases where they have been expressed as frauds because these individuals are believed to get immense information on someone through ordinary means.

But despite all these there are some cases where these individuals have proved to know pieces of information that was normally difficult to access by looking at an individual. These powers are believed to be from Satan since he is deceitful and masquerades as the angel of light and this is why the church disassociates itself form psychic readers.

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