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General Facts On Standing Meditation

By Minnie Whitley
Meditation is something practiced by many people around the world. It involves developing a mode of consciousness or training the mind. This has long been considered a blanket term to classify a range in practices and techniques that are employed to promote relaxation, build life force in a person, and instill generosity, compassion, love, patience and forgiveness. Standing meditation is a simple but powerful approach that can be taken. People all over the world, including those residing in California, have taken on this practice.

With this practice, the body is aligned in a specific way and held still. Qi, or energy flow, is encouraged to take on its natural rhythm and flow throughout the meridian system. This is done to dissolve blockages that may be present and preventing it from flowing naturally.

There are many perceived benefits to this. Those who practice this find that it can be beneficial to the entire being, as it is said to balance the whole self. The time that is spent doing this will vary. Sometimes it is done for just a few minutes and sometimes it can be extended longer, depending on a person’s preference. All one needs to do this is a body, quiet place and open mind about the possibilities.

To do this, a person will need to have a quiet space to practice. It might be best to start doing this inside, although it can be nice to face toward a window so you can see outdoors. Stand in a way so that the feet are hip length apart and the toes are facing forward. Soften the knees enough so that the pelvis relaxes down and the weight moves to the feet. It should feel as if you just mounted a horse.

Look forward and align the head so that it is right on atop the spine. This helps make the muscles in the neck, head, face and throat relax. Smile softly and let the tongue float to the roof of the mouth, just behind the front, top teeth. Allow the hands to flow up around 10 inches in front of the lower half of the abdomen.

The fingertips should point forward. However, they should not touch each other, as though you are hugging a tree. Let the fingers extend with some space between them and the elbows will be lifted slightly so the armpits feel like they are hollow.

Inhale deeply and breath out completely. While this is done, make small adjustments that may be necessary to make your stance more comfortable. Imagine that you are a large mountain or tree, or something else that is serene and stable. Let the breath go back to its normal rhythm and focus on remaining still throughout the body. This is a moment when you should enjoy that you are doing nothing.

Hold this position for at least 10 minutes or longer, if you decide. Increase the time gradually every time you do it. The results will differ from person to person, but many people report positive effects with this practice.

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