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Finding Out How To Be Saved By Jesus

By Tanisha Berg
There are many different religions that people follow. These date back centuries of years and after often what many people base their lives around. Those that follow the Christian faith believe that there is a Heaven and Hell, and at some point in time their actions while living will dictate where their spirit goes. There is why many are concerned with how to be saved by Jesus.

What all is involved with being saved might be different depending on who is asked. There is not an answer true to us all, even amongst followers of the same religion. There is no scientific evidence or facts that can be pointed to for answers. Every person is different and their spiritual belief and walk will be their own.

Still, there are some general guidelines that many take on when discussing this topic. Most agree that this is something internal and not external. It is about a person’s own personal spirituality and faith. The importance lies in his or her relationship with this higher power.

It is also common for people to say that one must recognize that they are a sinner and the sins that they have committed. Many religious people believe that no sinner is greater than another and the important thing to do is repent and accept this responsibility. Holy texts say that no sin is better than any other and sinners are all subject to consequences if they do not fully repent and seek forgiveness. Jesus is said to have perished for the sins of every living being so they might be able to have eternal life.

Repenting is of key importance when it comes to this. Individuals are encouraged to repent of their sins and change their behaviors. This means turning away from the bad that has been done and accepting Jesus and a positive path. This is not thought possible by a person alone, but only with guidance and help from the Holy Spirit, which one can receive if he or she asks. He can help transform a person, making him or her into a new creation.

After being forgiven for committed sins, individuals should be happy and rejoice. They must from then forward learn to put their trust and faith in Jesus. An individual must have no doubt and complete faith that they will make it to Heaven and not end up unsaved and in Hell.

It is important for people to remain connected. This usually involves daily prayers, which are answered by those who believe and trust in Him and his word. Essentially, people are encouraged to cast all of their problems on him so that he might take care of them. In order to be saved in this way, individuals must accept and believe in Jesus.

Not every religious person believes in this way. Each individual is said to have their own relationship with religion and connection to their spiritual self. No single answer can be assigned as true to all, but there are certain concepts upon which many agree. As a whole, being saved requires a person to accept mistakes, ask for forgiveness and move in a positive direction forward and away from the sin. It also requires faith in Jesus. People saved are believed to go to Heaven and those who are not are said to go to Hell.

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