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Finding Inspiration Through Spiritual Poetry

By Deanne Shepard
Artistic expression comes in many forms, each with the power to have a strong impact on an observer’s life. Images can make intense statements and provoke thinking, songs have inspired bouts of happiness as well as evoked tears and interpretive dances are emotion in motion. The genre of spiritual poetry is one that reaches deep into an individual’s soul to bring the subconscious to the surface and open the mind.

An individual’s spirituality is a uniquely personal state of mind unlike that of any other. The word is used to describe the way one connects to and relates to forces of nature, other people and the rest of the cosmos. Theology and religion have absolutely nothing to do with this matter as it is an unexplainable something that lies dormant in each person, waiting for awareness.

Poems on this subject are intended to motivate and encourage readers to stretch their comfort zones and to think outside the normal scheme of things. Sometimes they speak of the mystical, magical and the mysterious sides of life. Filled with inspiration, they strive to bring out one’s sense of wonder, hope and connection to the universe, the Earth and to the people who reside upon her.

A good many poems written in this genre are designed to offer hope to one who may be facing loss or loneliness, to give them hope and inspire them to continue on. The right words can pull someone out of the deepest place of darkness and bring them up into light and happiness. By verbally creating a new visualization, life is then seen in a new, enlightened perspective.

Another primary purpose of writings about spirituality is to encourage individuals to hold themselves to a higher standard and to strive to let go of negative attributes like anger, hate and envy. By realizing their place in the full scheme of the universe, a person may be able to become less self-centered and more self-aware. Positivity, empathy, understanding and insight become the new values to which their lives are focused.

Words strung together in a vividly descriptive manner can open something within the mind and allow the beholder the freedom to celebrate life’s many facets. When one learns to step outside the proverbial box, they begin to question what they know and start to explore the connections of everything withing this vast universe and even beyond. Once free to contemplate, the soul can find rejuvenation.

Writing on the topic of spirituality allows a person the opportunity to let their own beliefs be known. Images are painted through the use of creatively flowing words and precise diction, and may be powerful enough to transport one’s mind to a higher realm of consciousness. Sharing such insight with others can permit them to find their own enlightenment and might even be the encouragement they need at some point in their life.

Common literary rules for writing poems are not always applicable in this genre. Unique combinations and flow patterns are used in conjunction with descriptive words and creative layouts to generate a visual full of wonder and enlightenment. Though styles may vary, the goal to spread insight and to uplift and encourage the masses is the same.

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