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Faith And Worship As Per Religion

By Anita Ortega
Faith is the state of having complete belief or rather confidence in someone or something. In most cases, faith and worship go hand in hand. Majority of people base their beliefs on a supernatural being that foresee as their God and provider. There are many different types of faiths in this world.

Individuals who lack trust in any faith are the pagans. This belief is based on certainty and acceptance of the existence of such a superior being. Through devotion, the supreme beings are showed honor, respect and loyalty.

Worship on the other hand is the act of showing adoration and in the case of religion; it is the art of praising a superior being, showing total submission to them. This practice takes many forms. It can be in the form songs, which are mostly songs. The people of in this act are the worshipers. They use sacred songs which they sing to show loyalty to the supernatural beings giving thanks for all the good in their life.

Adoration can also be done through offering sacrifices and tithes. Sacrifice includes the donation of one belongings. Tithing is surrendering a 10%of their wealth. This is based on the belief that by doing that, the gods would be appeased and continue blessing them through giving them more wealth. The more they give, they more they believe that they will receive.

Each faith has its own set aside place. Hindus use Temples, mosques are used by the Muslims and the Christians use churches. Long ago, places called shrines existed where the African Traditional Societies performed their worshipping. Sacrifices that involved animal slaughter and pouring of libations were made. The main aim was to please their gods so that they can be in good terms with them and also obtain blessings.

A person cannot conduct this act to a supernatural being unless he has assurance of its existence and this is where faith comes in. In religion, curses are present. These are forms of payback to those worshipers who do not follow the rules of a particular belief People may suffer misfortunes such as bareness, sickness, poverty, natural calamities and in the worst cases people may end up dead.

Various religions, individuals have the belief that when they die, there is existing preserved spiritual dwelling where they will not suffer any more. Their goal in life is to live according to the doctrines of their religion, in total conviction and loyalty. In their walk of devotion; they are supposed to lead those with weak faith so that they do not fall astray.

The people who conduct this practice of showing love for God are the elders. These are the chosen people among the believers who are seen to have strong belief. These leaders of the religion usually make sure that the practice is conducted in an organized manner. This practice is important as it gives one a sense of belonging and also gives life purpose.

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