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Expanding Mission Through Skype Church Service

By Essie Osborn
Technology has made it possible for people in distant places to participate in events as though they are physically present. Skype church service enables ministers to reach congregations in another branch or parish. It also is used to reach people who are sick or incapacitated in any way. It ensures that every member remains connected regardless of his location across the world.

It has been used to reduce the distance between cultures, countries and congregants. This includes reaching out to students away in a college or the elderly who are unable to physically attend. Members and children serving different missions in war zones have been reached through the calls.

Ministries have found an incredible way of reporting progress in missions to their members. A single call will give a live feed to worshipers. Centers of a single parish are able to come together in worship. It reduces the need for travel and other logistics when celebrating community days.

There are technical issues that enhance or weaken the quality of your communication. It is important to be aware of the bandwidth which your receiver is using. Slow internet connection causes problems with buffering and reduces the quality of communication. The stream will not be consistent with very low sound quality.

The webcam and computer used should have higher specifications. A fast CPU supports seamless connectivity. The best webcams are USB 2.0 and fire wire/IEEE 1394 or anything above that. The fire wire converter or webcam may be replaced by a digital web cam. These accessories make it easy to capture high quality images.

The cable to be used during the setup should be at least six feet. The webcam is positioned in such a way that it faces the speaker you are using. The projection is important to consider since in some instances you will require extra lighting. It ensures that every participating individual is well captured. It is mostly important for indoor services.

The positioning of the caller and both the microphone and speaker is crucial in enhancing quality communication. It ensures that you capture what the people on the other side are saying and make yourself audible to them. The best option for a large congregation is using the full screen.

Laptop cameras may replace the webcam if their strength and resolution are reliable. The video feeds are sent through fire wire converters or video card. Special adjustments are required where Skype will be used for the big screen.

The quality of sound determines the kind of experience you will have. The microphones, speakers and screens enhance the interaction. The conversion of sound on both ends should be such that the quality is maintained. The listener should clearly hear what the person is saying on the other side.

The Skype experience will be determined by how well the technicians setup the apparatus. Mastery of audio and visual settings makes the experience possible. This is a technology that allows ministries to reach out to congregations in any part of the world. The community remains one since they are in regular contact. The ministry or parish is connected at all time and able to share in a single mission.

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