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Everything To Know About Alternative Distance Healing

By Linda Ruiz
People do not always rely on modern medicine to feel better. Alternative distance healing is a form of therapy that is carried out without the patient being physically close to the healer. Proponents believe it is not an act but actually a process. It is for various ailments, not only physical but also spiritual and mental. It seeks to relax and release, eventually helping the body to heal itself. This therapy aims at rejuvenation, attitude change and giving you more control to your life.

A distance healer is able to send cure to people who are not near him or her. He or she does not necessarily know the problem of the patient. This therapy can be performed even over the phone to people miles away. Alternatively, the patient may be near the healer even in the same room but no touching takes place. Anyone can learn to perform distance healing. This ensures that you know how to help not only family or friends but also people in disasters or even a patient in an ambulance.

To start with you need to be healing conscious. This means have a deep desire to heal people of their problems. Secondly, understand the energy centers of people. Human beings have an energy body around them called an aura. There are also energy centers called chakras and energy pathways called meridians. The auras take the energy in the centers, chakras break down the energy and then the pathways distribute it.

After learning that, it is time to learn the actual healing process. Go to a peaceful quiet place and have deep breaths to calm you. Commence thinking of that person about to receive healing. Imagine they are with you holding hands. Feel energy moving through your entire body. Then rise up your hands with your palms face out and be still.

Use your concentration power to visualize light which is white flow from your hands and heart. Then pray to the Creator to allow you be used as a channel. When you feel this energy flow within your or even see it, begin to mention the name of the sick person aloud. The energy flows from you to the person and balances that person aura. This reflects back to their body. When you are done, say a simple thankful prayer to God for using you then place your right hand over the left to make the symbol of detachment from the ritual.

A code of conduct exists among the people practicing this form of treatment. It seeks to instill professionalism. It also places standards expected by the rest of the public. The code also enhances integrity, responsibility and discretion. They also abide by the law.

Distant healers may or may not charge for their services. The results of a therapy session may not be immediate. They may be gradual or happen suddenly after a few days. The number of sessions needed to make you feel better varies. It is however advisable to try several sessions to reap the full benefits of this therapy.

This therapy is not used exclusively. Patients are often advised to seek modern medicine first. Once you are on therapy, do not forget your doctor as distance healing only complements your treatment. Even healers emphasize this. When contacting a therapist seek one who is professional and licensed.

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