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Divination Tools That Are Often Used By Fortune Tellers

By Gwen Lowe
Now one of the oldest arts that existed even during the ancient times is none other than divination. Now there are actually a lot of divination tools that fortune tellers would be using so that they could aid their clients with supernatural endeavors. If one is interested in this ancient art, then here are some of the most popular of these tools that the gypsies would use.

The crystal ball is by far the most popular tool that all diviners would use. People who would watch movies about the supernatural would know of this because there would almost always be a fortune teller that would appear there with a crystal ball on her table. Now the crystal ball is the tool that they would use in order to project their powerful mental images on to.

If one is curious on how to work this device, basically one just has to put a candle and the ball in front of him. Now the next thing that he should do would be to meditate on the ball and concentrate all his powers there. This will bring him into a state of trance where he could project future images on the glass.

Of course there is another famous tool that a lot of people know and are called tarot cards. What these tarot cards do is that they represent a certain aspect in the life of the one seeking a fortune. When the teller combines five of these cards, it will finally tell the entire fortune of the person.

Now one of the less popular tools that are used but also quite used is none other than the mystical concave scrying mirror. Now this mirror has pretty much the same function as a crystal ball. One of the major differences of the mirror as compared to the ball is that one may see through the astral plane using this.

Of course there are also ways wherein fortune tellers could contact the dead in order to seek predictions. Now one has to remember that this can actually be a very dangerous thing to do because once the dead are disturbed, they may want to stay in this world and not return to the spirit world. Now gypsies and fortune tellers do have a lot of clients who would want to make contact with the dead. These people are usually those who would want to talk to a relative who has passed away.

Now another thing that they would use would be the pendulum. Now using the pendulum requires the user to have a lot of concentration power to make the pendulum actually move along with the mind. Now in order to tell the fortune of a person, the pendulum would have to be moving a certain way.

Tea leaf reading is yet another very good way to actually predict the future of a person. Now for those who are curious about it, basically one would consume a special cup of tea that the fortune teller would provide. The tea leaves that remain would form a picture that would tell the fate of the person.

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