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Distinct Features Of A Sunday Morning Church Service

By Eloise Hewitt
Every weekend millions of Christians gather to worship. This is in response to the call of the Lord Jesus Christ that even long after his demise, his disciples would continue with the gospel. In City Denver, CO Sunday morning church service typically start at eight or nine up to around midday. This time is convenient to most people.

Most of the ministries have submitted their maps on the internet to enable their potential followers to find them. In those blogs are also their profiles that can give a glimpse of their activities. Generally the procedure depends on the type of congregation that you attend. City Denver Co mainly has two types of churches; the denominational ones and the non-denominational ones.

It is refreshing to visit a non-denominational church for a morning service. You get to meet other members who are happy and active in the service of God. These brethren are able to give you the reassuring feeling that Christ is really available for His people. The ushers give you a broad smile that you will remain to remember.

The program begins with everyone standing up and the whole room turns into a music orchestra band. All kinds of songs are played here from classical to pop tunes. Christians drown into these songs to a point where they freely sing, jump and sing along as they are led by the praise team. As the music is softened, people are slowly being ushered into the world of worship. The world where sins are forgiven and spiritual thirst is quenched in fervent prayer.

This is not the case with the non-denominational church morning services. Here what will catch your attention is the vibrancy and friendliness with which each one welcomes you. Their aim is for you to have a sense of belonging to the family of Christ. As you enter you find a smartly dressed usher at the door who welcomes you to your seat. At this time the worship team will already be presenting some music while the members are seated.

For the denominational gatherings the services begin as early as six. In a whole day they can have a series of three services each taking three hours. They still hold the traditions of the original church and oppose some protestant beliefs. Their prayers are recited communally and the songs are derived from hymn books.

As the praying continues the pastor climbs the podium and starts praying loudly. The others stop praying and say Amen after every statement made by the pastor. After the prayer there can be announcements and then new members are welcomed. This is followed by the preaching of the word. Most ministers of Gospel in these churches are radical and make many physical movements accompanied by a loud voice. When the preaching ends they pray to sum up the service.

No matter the type of church you decide to visit, it is a nice experience. You will feel peaceful within you and forget the struggles of life, at least for a moment. It is good for believers to commune every Sunday to worship the creator. This is also a perfect moment to seek forgiveness of sin and give life a new turn.

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