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Discovery Of Prophetic Pastor Opportunities

By Sally Delacruz
Rules and regulations guide the moral behavior of individuals in the society. In our homes, schools and churches worldwide there are a set of rules that govern people. In the church this rules are known as commandments found in the bible and spiritual leaders have been granted the mandate to interpret and teach Christians on how to uphold them. Pastors usually have the authority to interpret the word of God but prophetic pastor opportunities have made it difficult for them because of the emergence of false prophets.

Prophetic pastors are gifted people who can interpret the bible, foresee what the future has in store and deliver a certain message from God or warn people against something. For example a calamity about to unfold if people do not change their ways. While a prophecy is the power of foretelling future happening or it can be defined as a statement made by a prophet saying what will happen in the future. What these prophets say are definite and not mere facts.

Prophetic pastors are people who have been given the mandate or designated by God to interpret the bible. They can see future happenings through visions and deliver messages to the people, warning them against calamities that might happen if they do not change their ways.

They know the weaknesses of people therefore corrupting their mind to their advantage. The bible warns us about false prophets, like in the books of Mathew 7:15-20 saying that these prophets come like sheep on the outside but on the inside they are just wild wolves.

A church without a prophetic pastor will eventually wither and start losing its congregation one after the other and lose its true meaning. A church should be a prophetic voice to its nation, in that it should be able to warn or guide people on certain things against the laws of the bible.

These false prophetic pastors usually tell people what they want to hear, like they will be rich, powerful and blessed abundantly only if they give them a small offering in terms of money. They drift the people away from the truth leading them astray.

So many false prophets have emerged that it has become business to many. Differentiating the true from all the prophets has become hard but the common thing is that they will not speak about judgment and they keep repeating the same thing over and over. Many nations have freedom of worship and this has provided the false prophets an opportunity to exploit people. They drift people farther away from God especially the ones who want to live a righteous life knowingly and . Are not remorseful in any way.

Since most nations have granted their citizens the freedom of worship it has become very easy for these false prophetic to penetrate into the minds of people. People believe in them to the extent of showering them with monetary gifts such as luxurious houses cars and expensive clothing. What they say is taken as the truth and that they are definitely in the right path.

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