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Discover More Things About The Old Covenant Vs New Covenant

By Marci Glover
The bible teaches the most important Christian doctrine. It provides everything a Christians need to grow spiritually. Both the old and the new testaments contain many promises that were made to Christians. However, you can hardly know them if you are not a serious reader of the word. Life has so many challenges that might be very dehumanizing. However, if you are a constant reader of the word, you will always prevail. Furthermore, you will be able to know the relationship between the old covenant vs new covenant.

The simplest difference you would note is that the former promise was foe the Israelites while the current one is for all human beings. This is good to note since you are included in the current promise that operates in this generation. This is not the same as when God would just say something good to the Israelites and leave out other tribes and communities.

When it comes to agreements with God, two men become known for their involvement in delivering these agreements. The first man is Moses who brought the previous agreement to the Israelites whereas the second one is Jesus Christ who delivered the current agreement to all humanity. The teachings and details of the current agreement as brought by Christ can be found in the books of the New Testament in the Bible.

In the current testament, Jesus is the hero, who came from the heaven to bare the sins of the world. He was born by a virgin marry, he latter suffered under pintos pirate. He was later crucified for our sins. On the third day, he came from dead and he is a motivation to many Christians.

Some people are of the view that the former agreement was one that brought about imperfection among men. This they say is due to the many sins that they were able to commit without consecration. This is however not the case with the current agreement since the blood of Christ washes away all sins thereby perfecting the weaknesses of men. Instead of sending the sinners away, Christ is able to sanctify and save them with his precious blood.

It would be worth noting that the former agreement would quickly expose your sins and cause immediate judgment over your wrongs. This was oppressing to most people since they were not given chance to repent and denounce their wicked ways. The contrast of this is that Christ came to cover the sins of men through repentance and forgiveness.

Another contrasting thing between the two agreements that should be noted is their determination of human life. Faith as can be realized is currently part of ways to access heaven. In the olden days, people lived through their acts and hence they believed that this was the only way through which they could go to heaven. Faith however is part of the current agreement and serves as a clear way through which man can access heaven.

It would not be possible to go through all the similarities and differences that exist between the two covenants. However, it would be wise to conclude by noting that there were many high priests in the former agreement. This has changed since there is only one high priest who is Jesus Christ in the current promise.

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