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Choosing An Appropriate Granite Grave Monument

By Isabella Moor
From the earliest of days, many cultures have used stones to signify a spot where a person was buried or entombed. This practice was the reason words like headstone, gravestone and tombstone came into being. Today, people put a lot of thought and planning into choosing the Burial Marker that will denote the final resting place of themselves or someone that they love.

Monuments such as these serve not only as place holders, but as a small testament to the individual that they memorialize. They feature a person’s name and the dates of their birth and death, which in a way, immortalizes them for generations to come. Many folks personalize their testaments further by having an epitaph also inscribed upon the stone or into the metal.

Funeral Headstones

The styles in which these monuments are found are virtually endless with so many materials and features from which to choose. They may be thin and flat against the lawn or they may tower high and present an impressive silhouette. Some contain only the very basic information with no frills while others are extremely elaborate and filled with personalization.

There are several things that could impact one’s the styles from which one may choose their headstone. For instance, the amount of money one has to devote to this purchase is going to narrow the field from the start. An individual’s personal preferences is going to be the biggest factor because some options will immediately be dismissed simply because the person does not find them appealing.

It is important to decide where one is to be buried before making a final choice of headstone. This is because many cemeteries have started instituting rules regulating the details of what types of gravestones will be permitted, including dimensions, materials and features. A person should be familiar with the particular restrictions of their desired facility so that their monument will not be rejected at the time of installation.

Marble, slate, wood, sandstone, limestone and brass are just a few of the many materials used to create these monuments. While each has their attractive qualities, the most commonly used metal is bronze and the most popular type of stone is granite. This is primarily because these two substances are both fairly affordable, have a beauty that lasts over time and a durability that withstands harsh weather.

Many people will put a lot of planning into the selection of what is to become their eternal burial marker. This is the item that is going to serve as a testament of an individual’s life for generations to follow. One needs to take into consideration not only the personal tastes of the one it will represent, but budget and facility regulations as well, before making a final purchase.

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