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Bible Quotes Can Impact Your Life

By Carol Wilmington
There are few written words or things in general that have had as big an impact on people’s lives. The Bible and Bible Quotes have changed and affected millions of people all across the world. The influence of the Bible has brought good to areas in need. Regardless of the unlimited power of the Bible, there are always people that doubt religion or the proven benefits of religion on people’s lives. It’s important to understand this importance and make it a priority in your life even if that’s for a couple of minutes a day.

When you dissect the Bible and its teachings, you may be surprised to see how close it is to our everyday life. The rules that we follow as individuals and the laws we are bound by are directly related to the Bible. You can see the core principals in the 10 commandments. These values and life lessons are present from the beginning of time and form the basis for modernized society as we know it.

If you are in agreement that the Bible and its teachings have largely influenced and ultimately resulted in shaping the rules of our society, then how can you be a non-believer. Understanding religion and its impact on our society means that the lessons learned clearly are important. It’s these principals and lessons that form law and ultimately should guide us in our actions and how we act towards one another.

Often you will hear people refer to the Bible as merely stories or fables made to explain unknown occurrences in early times. While these nonbelievers may have a point, it’s important to consider what these stories represent. Not all of these stories of the Bible need to be taken at face value. There are Bible Quotes that may not directly be appropriate today but they all help build the story and the basis for what we should understand.

Understanding that the Bible and Bible Quotes aren’t always exact depictions of events that took place and more the basis for understanding them is the first step. People often look to the Bible as a literal interpretation. There is no way that any story or foreword looking comments could wholeheartedly stand the test of time and be entirely perfect. Life has changed substantially over the years and the fact that we can still turn to the bible to understand so much of it is unbelievable.

Looking at the Bible and understanding the underlying themes helps us as individuals. These stories provide the basis for being a better person. These Bible Quotes provide the basis for treating others fairly and politely. Do unto others as you would like done unto yourself. Consider that life presents us with different obstacles and everyone makes decisions differently. While some may consult with others and decide collectively, others make rash decisions they may regret. Regardless the Bible provides us with a way to reflect and better understand this.

Dissecting the Bible into portions can be a great way to start. You can look at individual Bible Quotes and begin to see how it relates to you. What do you have in common with this statement? What does it say about you as an individual and how can you improve yourself to better live amongst others. Looking at the bible and appreciating the bible even just for a couple minutes each day can start to make a big change on your life.

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