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Basic Details To Expect When Joining Military Funerals

By Dianna Sanders
Military families do not anticipate the terrible news that a loved one has died while on duty. All persons part of the force and regardless of the type of rank are offered standard burial procedures including a dignified transportation to the site. With Military Funeral Services it is all about honoring the individual who has made sacrifices for his or her country.

The deceased is handled with the utmost care including a flag draped coffin when moved back to their hometown. It will be transferred to a funeral home where the necessary preparations are put in place for the ceremony. The deceased will be placed in their uniform to indicate integrity and honor.

All personnel will be transferred in a casket with feet first while being saluted at every transfer point. Such funerals emphasize the honor, integrity, and the dignity of persons who have passed on. A number of standard measures are implemented regardless of whether individuals were on duty, honorably discharged or have been retired.

The casket will arrive covered in a flag including honor men to carry the coffin to the grave site. It is at this time that the pastor or appointed person will read a few passages in following the traditional process of a burial. A flag is presented and later folded to be provided for the family members in honoring the service and duty of the deceased.

The family may request that the remains be handed over to them for a private memorial. In most cases, the deceased is provided a standard service with emphasis placed on dignified and honorable processes. Such measures are taken regardless of the manner in which the individual had died.

Such services are conducted with the utmost respect. Honor guards will be present to uphold the standards of the burial and ensure that all duties are implemented. Ceremonial processes should be offered by staff members in accordance with funeral facilities.

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